Wednesday, March 16, 2005

sick sick sick

this week, green stuff is coming from my nose, and i am coughing a whole lot. sometimes i can not sleep because of the coughing and the snot. i rub my nose, because it is all itchy and liquidy, and long strings of snot go from my hand to my nose. this is not fun! everything makes me mad, and i just want mom or dad to hold me. does anyone else ever feel like this? i think it must have something to do with the snot.

i did not get to go play with the kids at church on tuesday while mom was at Bible study. she said she didn't want the other kids to get contaminated. is that what this snot is called? contaminated? well anyway, i kind of maybe like to play with the other kids now. it is actually not that bad. for a long time, i mostly just wanted one of the big people to hold me, while the other kids ran around and did stuff and cried and whatnot. but actually playing with the other kids can be fun. who knew? i still prefer my grandparents and nany, but i guess kids are alright. they are certainly better than being contaminated.