Wednesday, December 28, 2005

oh! i forgot to tell you

about riding the crocodile and falling asleep on the floor and the 3D movies. the bugs life 3D movie was scary. but the muppets and the mickey mouse one were really good! the things flew right out of the screen at us. they really did. oh! and the drumming acrobat guys let me play!

pictures probably tell the disney world story better.

mom had a thing about making me try on all the hats in the world.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

oh man, this is the life!

so, i went to disney world. people ask if it is everything everyone says it is. let me tell you, it is the real deal. i got to ride the dumbo ride, and peter pan, and snow white, and tour the haunted mansion and take a trip through time and space and walk around in an aquarium... it is too much to even try to describe, really. it wore me out. i am still tired.
oh! here is a funny story. we are walking around in the japan store at epcot. i am kind of really tired of the stroller and being awake, and i am kind of being fussy. i can tell the girl at the counter really likes me, because she smiles really big and says, "Oh! please don't cry!" she has a funny accent and is pretty and smiles a lot, so i do not cry. dad buys pockys, and the day is suddenly brighter. wait, there was supposed to be a funny part! dad overheard two other japanese girls at the store talking. he says he knows about five words in japanese, and one of them is "ka-wa-i."
a girl pointed me out to the other girl and said that i was "ka-wa-i." this means cute.
i think we should live at disney world.