Monday, February 26, 2007

do not hold sugar by the neck!

we went to see grandma and papa and mine aunt michelle for a few days, and it was a good time. we ate green beans and shrimp and "okla" (or was it broccoli?) and something called "yasanla." this is apparently michelle's favorite. we also played basketball in the yard and rode my new bike and drove to the gas station in the rain and watched cartoons.

this is sugar, my grandma and papa's dog. she is a schnauzer. she is pretty cute, except for when she barks. i request that she be put in her room when she starts yapping, because it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too loud.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy valentines day!

this is the day for love, they say. as you can see, i love my sister elisabeth. i kiss her all the time. sometimes too much, like when she is sleeping. i can not resist the cheeks. i even nicknamed her "cheeks," and i call her that a lot! that, or "beef." it just sounded funny.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


wario is my best friend! he is very ugly. he is also very angry!
here is me making a wario face. i am pretty good at faces, i must admit.

Monday, February 05, 2007

i am advanced

in many ways, but in this case i am talking technology.

my favorite game on the gamecube, currently, is WarioWare. it is a good time. mom and dad play it with me, and i am almost better than mom. keep that quiet, though, because it makes her a little sad. anyway, if i can not talk them into playing 15 rounds or so, i can play it by myself for all of us. come on, people, this takes talent.

and one day i drew this on the computer. i call this work of art "Cherry Friend."


snow is cold!
snow is crunchy under your feet!
snow is good to throw at trash cans and garage doors!
snow really can be caught on your tongue, like they do in the charlie brown movie.
snow is super fun, in case you did not already know.

mom and i put on our snow clothes and went outside to play. we ran around and did snow dances and walked really far and pretended it was a race! but along the way, we had to roast some marshmallows. that was my idea. globs of snow make really good pretend marshmallows. if you walk in your old footprints, it is a good time. also, you can't be tracked as easy. mom and dad say i will be even happier about snow when i get older and get to miss school because of it.

here are a few snapshots of snowdancing, and snow megaman, and snow happiness.