Monday, January 24, 2005

fun with nostrils

this week i discovered that my nostril is just the right size for sticking my finger in. actually, both nostrils are the perfect size. i could stick one in each if i wanted! right now i am content to just stick one in there. i have no interest in the sticky things inside the nostril. mostly they just irritate me and make a funny sound when i breathe. mom seems so suggest that this will change, and someday i might even like to eat the sticky clumps in there. why would i want to do that?!? anyway, sticking my finger in there is fun and interesting, because it's like my nostril was made for sticking my finger into it. like legos to a dad shoe, so are fingers to a nose hole.

the latest word on the remote control is that it is still myteriously absent. aunties rhonda and holly suggested the garbage, but we did not find it there. maybe it is in my nose.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

good times!

so, my new pasttime is relocating items. i will take a random object from one place and put it somewhere else. like my shoe (only one of them. it is more fun when only one shoe is lost.) shoes are good in the hallway. or like my pacifier. it is good to put the pacifier in a small place, like the little drawer on my leapfrog table. or a pen. or my blocks. it is fun to relocate my legos to the inside of dad's shoe. or raisins. i got a good laugh when dad stepped on the raisins. as you may have guessed, the more important/necessary-for-day-to-day-life an object is, the more fun it is to relocate it. my latest triumph is the remote. it has been three days, and mom and dad still have not found it. i might make them happy and get it for them sometime, but you know, i am not quite sure i remember where i put it. oh well. next mission: the keys! mom is always losing keys, so she will probably think she lost them. good times!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the joy of mobility

so walking around will really wear a guy out.

i have been practicing a lot lately, and i am getting really good, if i do say so myself.
i can squat down and pick something up, then stand up again without even holding onto stuff! just now, for instance, i found a pack of raisins i had conveniently dropped earlier (on accident?....hmm, you decide) , bent down to get it, stood right back up, walked over to mom, handed her the raisins and said "good!" (good seems to be the only word she understands) so that she would open them for me. and she did. mmmm, raisins. we just might see those again later, but that is way off subject.
now that i am getting the hang of it, i can see that the possibilities may just be endless. in no time at all,
i will run
i will climb
i will more readily reach things i am not supposed to

gosh. just thinking of it makes me pretty happy. also tired.

Friday, January 14, 2005

so close yet so far

did you know that there is a piece of glass between you and the people in the tv?

tonight i get a big old handful of honey maid graham crackers out of the box. mom and dad laugh because i get about three big ones out and try eating them all at once. then dad takes away all but one little cracker. i decide that even though i only have one, i would like to share it with buddy, the elf in the tv. i put the cracker up there, but it just makes a tapping sound and bounces off again and again. poor buddy, behind the glass. i bet he is hungry. maybe if i put the cracker in the black box next to the tv, he can get it that way?

Monday, January 10, 2005

no fun

do you ever get so mad and irritated that you just want to yell and throw stuff? i think maybe i have anger issues related to the chronic pain of teeth breaking sloooooooowly through my gums. sue me.

then again, while i'm feeling like thrashing and screaming, maybe it is a good time to see how far those behaviors will get me. can i get my way by doing this? at what point does mom get tired of it and give in? how about dad? grandma? hmmmm.......

anyway, i hate elmo, and i hate cheese, and i hate eggs, and i hate my car seat, and i hate going to sleep, and i hate waking up. except when i like them. but then i gotta pretend like i hate them all still. must stay in character. it is all so complicated!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

i'm a good driver! Posted by Hello

white snow = yummy Posted by Hello

home again i need a nap

gosh, i was in the car i think for about 5 million hours. i am not for sure, though. maybe more.

mom and dad and i went to colorado with a bunch of big kids and another guy that i like to think of as unky tim. he makes me laugh and gives me his reeses pieces and lets me drive the big van. that is a good time, when you can drive a van. i steered this way and that way, and all the kids laughed and maybe were a little scared, but i had it under control.

the snow was pretty and the drive was long and it was cold! i have already been to colorado, but it was last year when i was just a little baby, so i don't really remember it. mom packed me into my snow clothes, and we went outside for a little bit. i like the way the snow sounds crunchy under your feet out there and how steam comes out your mouth when you breath. mom even let me taste a little snow, and i know it was okay to eat because she said the white kind was the good stuff. (it was white.)

i also like when all the college kids pay attention to me and make faces and stuff. they are pretty cool, and it is fun to make them look goofy. elmo is my new best friend, and boy is he a good friend to have with you in the car! elmo is so giggly! i don't know if the college kids like him too much. i think maybe they are jealous, because they threatened to throw him out of the window a couple times. i held onto him, though. me and elmo gotta stick together.

i also got to see aunty rhonda, cause she came to visit while mom and dad were busy falling down the mountain. well, i think dad slid down on some sticks, and mom fell. she seems to be alright after all the falling. i don't know why anyone would want to fall down a mountain on purpose but maybe that is not how skiing is supposed to work. anyway, i hung out in the warm lodge with some of the big kids and rhonda, and we saw a guy dressed real funny and rhonda made me laugh and let me eat a grilled cheese. i hope i get to see her again soon, cause she feeds me good stuff and dances with me!

*yawn* i am tired after all that driving and riding and entertaining the big kids. more later.