Monday, May 26, 2008

sam version 4.5

mom said that today is my half birthday. well, there you go. i am four and a half.

yesterday was Memorial Day. we went to the park and cooked out with our friends from missouri. mom told me to make the weirdest face i could. as if she really needs to prompt me to make a weird face.

this is me and elisabeth in the yard today. this activity is what i officially call "Me and Betty V.S. Every Tree." she says that V.S. stands for "versus," but i like to say "Vee Ess."

Sunday, May 18, 2008


this weekend i went and graduated. this means i moved up from one class to the next. we had a big graduation at Ms. Marsha's church, and we sang songs and got certificates. i sang the loudest on "He's got the whole world in his hands," because mom and dad and grandma and papa said they heard me all the way at their seats. i sang it a little bit weird, and mom laughed. some kids in my class cried and wanted to get off the stage, but i did not. i like to be up there singing.

the other day, Ms. Marsha (she is like the principal) told my mom that next year she is going to put me in a class that really challenges me. whatever that means!

i had a lot of fun while my grandma and papa were here. they brought me this big bouncy see-saw thing, and they brought their dog Sugar, too. my papa has boots just like me, but mom did not get a picture of us in our boots. she did get a kinda dark picture of me and my teacher Ms. Paula.

we went to dollar general, and i just wore my power ranger socks and no shoes. me and my grandma were just going to wait in the car while papa went in and got coffee filters, but i got to go in and pick out a helicopter, and i slid up and down the aisles in my socks. my grandma said i could run really fast.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day!

the other day, i went to the movies with my dad. we went to see speed racer on the day it opened, and it was really good. my favorite part was when they won the race before the last race. sorry, i hope i did not just spoil anything for anybody.

after the movie, we went to barnes and noble and picked out a present and a card for my mom for mothers' day. i listened to all the music cards, and i picked out this one. and i looked really hard at all the books, and i picked out this cookbook for making cookies. she opened it today, and she really liked it! she said we will make cookies together sometime this week. she also said that we are her best presents of all.

happy mothers' day to my mom and grandma and other grandma and nany and great grandma!

p.s. i am a good guy that saved the whole world. i am a ninja that is not bad. did you know that? that is what i just told mom. i have to go be ninjas with betty now.

Monday, May 05, 2008


today, it was pretty outside, and dad had just mowed the grass.

i took advantage of this time to teach elisabeth how to fight like a jedi. i fought Count Dooku while she watched my technique.

as you can see, i am a good teacher. she already knows how to dual wield her lightsabers.