Sunday, May 18, 2008


this weekend i went and graduated. this means i moved up from one class to the next. we had a big graduation at Ms. Marsha's church, and we sang songs and got certificates. i sang the loudest on "He's got the whole world in his hands," because mom and dad and grandma and papa said they heard me all the way at their seats. i sang it a little bit weird, and mom laughed. some kids in my class cried and wanted to get off the stage, but i did not. i like to be up there singing.

the other day, Ms. Marsha (she is like the principal) told my mom that next year she is going to put me in a class that really challenges me. whatever that means!

i had a lot of fun while my grandma and papa were here. they brought me this big bouncy see-saw thing, and they brought their dog Sugar, too. my papa has boots just like me, but mom did not get a picture of us in our boots. she did get a kinda dark picture of me and my teacher Ms. Paula.

we went to dollar general, and i just wore my power ranger socks and no shoes. me and my grandma were just going to wait in the car while papa went in and got coffee filters, but i got to go in and pick out a helicopter, and i slid up and down the aisles in my socks. my grandma said i could run really fast.

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Trevor said...

congratulations, Sam, you are really moving up in the world. a helicopter is a good graduation present.

good job not being sad to be on stage; i'm sure your mom is proud; not everybody can do that. and good luck challenging Sam, Ms. Marsha.