Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things i like about my dad

he tells me stories, like x-men.

we play dungeons and dragons together.

he plays the good night song on the keyboard at bedtime.

he carries me like a different sack (sack of potatoes, rice sack, chicken sack, etc.) every night before bed.

he does horsey.

he does, "sam has a friend named DORTH!" and it's super funny.

he makes characters to play world of warcraft with me. i play inklybob, and daddy plays beffy. he's 22 or 23, and i'm 19.

he takes me to the library to get new books.

i like it when he takes me to the mall and cici's pizza.

i like him more than everyone except mommy. i love him the same as mommy.

i made this shirt in honor of fathers' day. it has a picture of his character, armpitblade, who's level 74.

happy fathers' day to dad and pappy and grandpa and papa!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Growing God's Kingdom

i am all done with preschool, and i will go to west fork kindergarten in august! that is pretty exciting. these are some pictures from my graduation. i was very serious about the singing, but not really anything else. and that is my teacher, ms. connie, handing me my diploma.

and there are also pictures from my last couple days at school. george is my best friend. i hope he is in my class in kindergarten! and janessa is a terrible rester. and isabelle is the girl who bit me.


we went to indiana again. this year, it didn't flood, and the electricity didn't go out. that makes for a much better time. we got to play with the kids, and run around outside, and go to dairy queen. and we listened to the hobbit in the car. i didn't even mind when mom took like 870 pictures of me and elisabeth.