Monday, June 27, 2005

happy birthday to my dad!!!! Posted by Hello

my dad

so there are a lot of things i love about my dad.

he is the first person who i ever saw. he was holding me right after i was born, and i looked up, and there he was. it was all kind of blurry, but i know it was him because of the beard.

speaking of the beard, that is a really nice beard my dad has. it tickles my face when he kisses me on my forehead. maybe someday i can have a beard like that, if i am lucky!

he makes the very best faces ever. this makes me laugh, especially in the car when he points the mirror right at me so he can see me, and i can see him, and he makes funny faces to make me happy. this makes car trips one hundred percent funner.

he has the best voice for reading stories. all the people in the book have a different voice, and they are all funny voices!

my dad is the first one to run and make sure i am okay if i fall down or bonk my head or something like that. mom tries to be real calm and mellow, but dad runs up and holds me and makes me not cry anymore.

he lets me sit on his lap while he plays games on the computer. i like to just sit there on dad's lap and hang out with him. he lets me eat dinosaur crackers or animal crackers or raisins and sometimes even little pieces of candy.

sometimes i throw fits. i admit it. i just get so mad i can not see straight! (why can i not have that thing??? i want it!!!) dad handles this really well. he talks to me until i calm down and maybe even smile. i can not resist.

sometimes he can have a big scary voice, but i know that my dad is a big old softie.

he lets me get away with just a little bit more than mom does sometimes. shhhh! do not tell her about this one!

my dad protects me and buys things for me that i need and teaches me things and loves me a whole lot. i am hoping i can be just like him someday. or a fireman. whichever.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

two new and exciting discoveries!

ketchup makes everything taste better. everything! one day, dad and i go to the mall to shop for something for mom. we stop to grab a bite to eat at the food court, and dad gets some french fries. mmm, fries!! i notice that he is sticking the french fries down into some red sauce before he eats them, and so i ask if i can please try some. i do try it, and it is wonderful! now i eat ketchup on green beans! i eat it on mandarin oranges! i eat it on lemons! i delicately dip them into the ketchup, and the dipping is half of the fun. sometimes if i do not have any mandarin oranges or french fries or toast to dip into the ketchup, my fingers work just fine too.
hooray for ketchup!

another fun thing to dip stuff into is the air vents on the floor at my grandma and pappy's house. spoons are just perfect for dipping in there, except that i am not quite sure how to get them out once they go in. i do not think mom or dad or grandma or pappy are either. i managed to get four spoons into the vent, but the nutcracker would not fit. i will try harder next time.

Friday, June 10, 2005

i forgot to mention that i got so dirty that i had to take a bath in the big steel sink in the camp kitchen. Posted by Hello

donkey mucous is the best mucous! Posted by Hello

these are the toothbrush pigs. as you can see, i was not too impressed. Posted by Hello

this week

so, this week i went to my very first church camp. mom and dad say, "sam, it is time to go to church camp!" and i run around and play with stuff while they pack up all my stuff. (i hope that this will happen long after it is no longer necessary. i mean, packing does not look like fun.)
anyhow, the camp is full of high school big kids, who love me. sorry, it is hard to be modest when really you just want to tell the truth.
we swim, we sing, we eat. i have at least 15 new scrapes or bruises. here are the stories of a couple of them:
i am running with a roll of tape in my hand, and i fall down, and my finger scrapes the ground under the tape, and a piece of skin comes off, and it bleeds a little bit. it does not hurt that bad, and dad puts this brown sticker over my ouchie! i think he called it a bandade or something.
i also have two skinned knees. these are from backing into the swimming pool on my knees over and over. see, it is a little scary to walk around in the pool, because sometimes you slip and fall and your face goes down in the water (i know this from experience). and so it is more fun and makes you a little less nervous if you just climb in and out of the pool for a half an hour. i did get it down to an art. i would rather have skinned knees than the chipped teeth that my friend JT got. he fell with his face in the water too, and his mom grabbed him, and he fell again, and his teeth hit the side of the pool. he cried a whole lot, but i think he is okay now.

something else fun we did was go to the place with all the animals. we drove in the car, and these big old crazy looking birds and deers and donkeys and monkeys kept looking at us through the windows. the donkey even put nose mucous on the window, and the big cow with big horns tried to rip off the antenna. that was a good time. at the end of the driving, i got to get out and pet some goats and a pig or two! petting the pig felt like petting my toothbrush, but the goat was nice.

i have some pictures to show you!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

this is me and my friend carl. he gave me that hat! amandla! Posted by Hello


so the other day, the three of us (dad, mom, and i) head up to fayetteville to go to a party.

the party is for our friend carl, who is leaving to go back to his country. there were lots of people there, including my auntie amber who i never hardly get to see either! (she is the one who gave me the drumsticks). i did my best to help everyone have a good time, by dancing and talking and just being entertaining all around. the best part of the night is when we watch Mac and Me, a movie about an alien. the alien is very ugly and can never close his mouth. he is about the same size as me, but he is not nearly as cute. mostly i think that the movie is about mcdonalds and coke, but the alien is trying to get back to his family. they call each other by making their hands in a cup shape in front of their faces and whistling. everyone keeps doing what the alien does on the tv, so i do it too! everyone finds this very entertaining, so i keep doing that a whole lot. we all have such a good time that we ALMOST forget to be sad that carl is leaving forever or maybe for a couple years. either way, it is too long.

i will be probably 3 when he gets back, and i will be talking really really good by then. i already know what i will say. "Amandla!" and carl will know what it means, in fact, he will probably turn the jerry springer off and rise up when i say it!