Saturday, June 04, 2005


so the other day, the three of us (dad, mom, and i) head up to fayetteville to go to a party.

the party is for our friend carl, who is leaving to go back to his country. there were lots of people there, including my auntie amber who i never hardly get to see either! (she is the one who gave me the drumsticks). i did my best to help everyone have a good time, by dancing and talking and just being entertaining all around. the best part of the night is when we watch Mac and Me, a movie about an alien. the alien is very ugly and can never close his mouth. he is about the same size as me, but he is not nearly as cute. mostly i think that the movie is about mcdonalds and coke, but the alien is trying to get back to his family. they call each other by making their hands in a cup shape in front of their faces and whistling. everyone keeps doing what the alien does on the tv, so i do it too! everyone finds this very entertaining, so i keep doing that a whole lot. we all have such a good time that we ALMOST forget to be sad that carl is leaving forever or maybe for a couple years. either way, it is too long.

i will be probably 3 when he gets back, and i will be talking really really good by then. i already know what i will say. "Amandla!" and carl will know what it means, in fact, he will probably turn the jerry springer off and rise up when i say it!


Anonymous said...

rise up rise up rise up...
-aunt fattie

Doctor Dung said...

When you're old enough I'll teach you rude word like KAK and INKANDA, until then... stick with AMANDLA!

Also, get mom and dad to rent Stander... people say AMANDLA in that. It's a South Africa movie with rising up and guns and thievery.

Doctor Dung said...

also, note my poor spelling and grammar. I have a BA in English. Let that be a lesson to you.