Monday, June 27, 2005

my dad

so there are a lot of things i love about my dad.

he is the first person who i ever saw. he was holding me right after i was born, and i looked up, and there he was. it was all kind of blurry, but i know it was him because of the beard.

speaking of the beard, that is a really nice beard my dad has. it tickles my face when he kisses me on my forehead. maybe someday i can have a beard like that, if i am lucky!

he makes the very best faces ever. this makes me laugh, especially in the car when he points the mirror right at me so he can see me, and i can see him, and he makes funny faces to make me happy. this makes car trips one hundred percent funner.

he has the best voice for reading stories. all the people in the book have a different voice, and they are all funny voices!

my dad is the first one to run and make sure i am okay if i fall down or bonk my head or something like that. mom tries to be real calm and mellow, but dad runs up and holds me and makes me not cry anymore.

he lets me sit on his lap while he plays games on the computer. i like to just sit there on dad's lap and hang out with him. he lets me eat dinosaur crackers or animal crackers or raisins and sometimes even little pieces of candy.

sometimes i throw fits. i admit it. i just get so mad i can not see straight! (why can i not have that thing??? i want it!!!) dad handles this really well. he talks to me until i calm down and maybe even smile. i can not resist.

sometimes he can have a big scary voice, but i know that my dad is a big old softie.

he lets me get away with just a little bit more than mom does sometimes. shhhh! do not tell her about this one!

my dad protects me and buys things for me that i need and teaches me things and loves me a whole lot. i am hoping i can be just like him someday. or a fireman. whichever.


Anonymous said...

sam---you are one lucky boy to have such a great daddy!!! and your mommy is pretty good too:)---katy

RHONDA said...

sam- i agree your daddy is pretty special and unique. Your mom is one of the best in my book too. i love the millers.

Holly said...

sam, you really do have THE most FUN and CREATIVE dad around. One day he'll teach you about the happy happy man and how to be your very own best friend!