Monday, August 29, 2005


i really should post a lot more, because interesting things are always happening to me.

a couple of weeks ago, my friends jessica and felicia and mom and i went a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong long long time in the car to see our friend amber. she is the one who gave me the drum and drumsticks and calls me samwise, which is definitely my favorite name. she lives in Colorado, where there are lots of mountains and stores with different names than here (although we still somehow ended up at hobby lobby - go figure).

while i did get really tired of the car after a while, it was definitely worth the trip. we laughed a whole lot, and i got some good reading time in there. green eggs and ham is my favorite, by the way, and i recommend it to everyone. i got tons of attention, and my best trick at this point is sticking my fingers in my nose a lot. it is good for a lot of laughs.

we went to a flea market which turned out not to have any fleas, but they did have lots of fruit and clothes, and sunglasses, and random things, and my new ball. we also went to a place higher in the mountains that had my favorite of all things, ever. a creek with rocks. man, did i throw some rocks in the creek. they were different rocks than we have here. very good for creek throwing.

also on the trip i learned one really good piece of advice to pass along. it feels weird and mostly unpleasant to lick one of the rectangle-shaped batteries. there was one sitting on a table at amber's house, and i saw it there and thought, "hey, i think i will lick that." i am not really sure why. but i probably will not do it again anytime soon. for some reason, mom kept trying to get felicia to lick it too, but she would not do it. this was a wise move, and i told her so.

the only problem with taking a trip is that not everyone can go. dad had to stay home. something about work. and then when we came back, amber stayed there. and we dropped off felicia and jessica in fayetteville. i wish all my favorite people were in one place.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

feet eater

so yesterday we are out in the back yard having a dandy time playing. we are throwing the ball around, spinning, and things like that. there is a lull in the activity for just a second (i knew i should not have stopped spinning!) and mom looks over at the grass. "wow, the grass is getting tall! i should weedeat."

she goes and plugs in the weedeater, and i am sad and scared. i just hate that thing. i guess partially because it is so noisy and awful, and partly because it destroys everything in its path. somehow, the combination of those two things is a little too stressful for me. i quickly run to the door and get dad to let me inside where i can play on the floor safely with him.

mom comes in a few minutes later with a bloody, bruised foot. she hobbles in and says to me, "sam, you must never, ever weedeat in flipflops!" this works out for me, because for one, i do not wear flipflops. for another, i hope to never ever touch the big scary noisy awful grass-destroying machine. she says it is her own fault for not paying attention, but i am not so sure. i knew i should not trust that thing. it is out to eat feet!

Monday, August 01, 2005

the hot fun summer

it has been a little while since i posted. lots of things are going on with me.

last week i got three new teeth! this is a record. i am glad to have them now, but when they were coming in and tearing through my gums, i thought maybe i would like it if i never had teeth at all. they come in handy for biting things, though. like mom's toe, when she does not expect it. and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. and the occasional dried up centipede i find on the ground outside. see! teeth are worth it.

i have spent a lot of time getting to know the other kids at church. everyone is crazy but me. they also do not understand that whatever it was, i was playing with it first. and they all cry a lot and smell kind of bad, but it is usually a good time. i can overlook these things.

also, i love to swim! i sit in my upside-down turtle float, and dad takes me all around the pool outside in the back yard, while mom goes underwater and comes up under me and tickles my toes. i throw a ball around, i splash a lot, and i have neat green swimtrunks. it is like a big bathtub but funner.

yesterday we fed the ducks some hotdog buns. and the geese too! these geese were mostly nice, i think because there were no babies to protect. and i threw the bread this time instead of eating it myself. mom says it was very nice of me to share. i really wanted to eat that bread, though.