Saturday, April 19, 2008

several things

several things are happening lately.

for one, our plants are growing. you have to look at them real close, cause they are just little right now. but we planted the seeds, and they are all sprouting! my strawberries were last, but they finally came up! mom has tomatoes, so we both have fruits. and dad and betty both have flowers ("zillias" and daisies). we also have a chia dinosaur that my dad mostly planted. it is very fluffy right now.

mom asked me the other day where my jaw is. i told her it is in my hand, next to my fingernail. and it makes my fingernails sharp. and she said she thought it was actually in my face. but i told her that no, it started in my nose, then it went to my cheek, and then to my neck and down my arm and into my fingernails. and there in my fingernails, i trapped it. i think it was the first time anyone told her the truth about jaws, so she was pretty surprised.

today i made up a funny name: Bill Cosby Buttcracks

Monday, April 07, 2008

it is springtime!

this means that it rains a lot, but it is also a lot nicer outside.

no jackets are necessary for playing in the backyard, and sometimes no pants, either!
hey. if you can not play in your underwear in your own backyard, where can you play in your underwear?

here is a picture of me reading mom the directions for our plants that we planted. i planted a strawberry, and elisabeth planted a daisy, and mom planted a tomato. we put the seeds in there, and they are supposed to grow pretty soon. i will keep you updated on that!

if you will notice, the picture is only from the waist up. mom says that even if i do not care if people see me in my underwear now, that might not always be the case.