Wednesday, December 31, 2008

stocking stuffer fun times

for Christmas, we picked up nany and then went over to grandma and pappy's house for a few days.

my cousins came up on Christmas Eve, and we had dinner and opened presents. i discovered that i really really like ham and scooters.

on Christmas day, we opened stockings and presents from mom and dad and santa. i got this neat glowy sword, and my mom and i took a bunch of pictures with it, in a dark room. that was a pretty good time. it's hard to be completely still!

thank you to everyone for the awesome presents!

hey, it's been a while!

in case you were all wondering, my dad and i got back to arkansas safe and sound, like two weeks ago.
my pappy's operations went pretty well, and he is already doing a lot better.

i was a really good helper in texas. i missed my mom and my sister, but i only cried when i saw the road from our airplane, right after we took off, and i thought i was watching them drive away. that was pretty sad.

otherwise, it was really a great time, and i told my dad that lubbock was my favorite place ever in the history of time. i'm not sure we'll be moving there anytime soon, though.

when we flew back to the airport in oklahoma, my mom and my sister, and my aunt and uncle and all my cousins were there to meet us. my cousins all wore hats, because pappy was wearing a hat. i gave elisabeth a big hug and kiss, because i was really glad to see her.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

leaving on a jet plane

tomorrow, my dad and i are flying down to texas together, for almost two weeks. i was telling Holly about it tonight. "we are going down because my dad's dad is having surgery. he has to get his brain taken out. " Holly just laughed. it wasn't supposed to be funny. maybe he isn't really getting his brain removed. dad says that pappy has to get electrodes put inside his brain. and dad and i are going there to help grandma and pappy. we will go get them food, and take them places, and help with whatever we need to help with.

anyway, since we are leaving tomorrow, we had to take Christmas card pictures tonight. it was an interesting photo shoot, but not entirely unsuccessful. we actually got a pretty good one, but i can't put it on here, because then your Christmas card would not be a surprise. these are some kind of funny ones.