Saturday, February 14, 2009

an ice storm

a couple weeks ago, it ICED. when it ICES, the lights go out.

when the lights go out, you can not:

watch TV. this includes anything that requires a TV, like the gamecube or DVDs.

take baths (this is fine with me.)

play on the computer.

open the fridge.

go to school (also mostly fine with me.)

when the lights go out you can:

have a sleepover with daddy, where you huddle under the covers and drink mt. dew and eat oreos. we did not invite mom and betty to this sleepover until the next morning.

light a bunch of candles.

play lots of board games! board games are not BORing, but i look bored in this picture. or is it board?

drive down to grandma and papa's, because they have electricity.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

i am a photographer

so! remember how i told you we went to disney world a long time ago? all the way back in january, and now it's already february. we kind of got a little bit busy and distracted, especially when it iced. we couldn't even watch tv, much less update our blogs. it was annoying.

i really love disney world. i am hoping my dad sells a book so we can go back soon. like, next month. maybe if he sells enough books, we can live in disney world.

here are some pictures that i took. my mom let me have my own camera to take pictures with! now i want to take pictures for a living when i grow up. i am already pretty good at it, and things are really interesting when you look at them through a camera. i was especially good at catching mom and dad at great angles. here are a few of my favorites. some are a little avant garde.

guess what?

elephant butt!

this is my favorite picture. it really made me laugh to see that it turned out so clear. it is hard to take pictures of animals, because they're moving, and when you're on a safari truck, you're moving too. so most of my animals are kind of blurry. not the elephant butt, though! the gazelle head isn't too shabby either.