Thursday, February 05, 2009

i am a photographer

so! remember how i told you we went to disney world a long time ago? all the way back in january, and now it's already february. we kind of got a little bit busy and distracted, especially when it iced. we couldn't even watch tv, much less update our blogs. it was annoying.

i really love disney world. i am hoping my dad sells a book so we can go back soon. like, next month. maybe if he sells enough books, we can live in disney world.

here are some pictures that i took. my mom let me have my own camera to take pictures with! now i want to take pictures for a living when i grow up. i am already pretty good at it, and things are really interesting when you look at them through a camera. i was especially good at catching mom and dad at great angles. here are a few of my favorites. some are a little avant garde.

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Holly said...

wow, already taking pictures of girls in bikinis?!