Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i like to read

so i have always liked to read. before i could ask mom and dad what all the letters all over everything were, i would point to them so they would tell me. i did this when we were walking and passed a sign, or when we were in the parking lot and passing the cars with license plates, or when we were sitting down in the house, i would point to the letters all over all our stuff. i have always just liked it, and when i was 2, i could read several words. but now i am 3 and i can read a whole bunch of words. people seem surprised about this, but really, it is nothing new. (can everyone not read?) i like to watch cartoons with the letters on the tv (closed captioning, mom calls it), and i like to help dad read maps when we are going to silver dollar city so we do not get lost and drive to goodman or battlefield or drive into a lake or river (the blue parts that look like snakes on the map). at night before we go to bed, i read my charlie brown comic book while dad reads his book about how to speak japanese.

today i was reading my Sam and the Firefly book to Elisabeth before we took our naps. she was really paying attention, so i think maybe she will be a good reader too.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


this picture has nothing to do with what i am going to tell you about. it is me when i was elisabeth. i mean, tiny like elisabeth!

anyway, back to the present times.
i talked about silver dollar city so much that my dad took me back AGAIN on friday. man, was it ever a good time. i am getting more and more brave. this time i rode the butterflies that go really high up and down, and i tried the frogs again. i still did not like the frogs. maybe next time. we rode the flooded mine and the train and went in grandpa's crooked house, and we walked all over the place. i did not even get tired of walking around until right before we left. dad got sunburned on his face and head. i did not get sunburned, because i wore sunscreen.

i asked dad if we can live there. he said we can only just visit.

Monday, April 16, 2007

my sister

is pretty silly. she wears penguins on her head (i have to help her out with that, as she can not reach the top of her head), and she drools.

Monday, April 09, 2007

silver dollar silly!

i mean "city," not "silly." but sometimes i say "silly," and that is silly!

we all went there to silver dollar CITY the other day. it was so cold, but we got bundled up and had some good times anyway!

we rode lots of rides. well, elisabeth only rode the train.
the train was good, but not the one where you went down the hill (fire in the hole!), because i was a little bit afraid of it. the lady bugs are my favorite because they do not jump around and do crazy stuff. they just go in a circle kinda fast. also there was a big giant fort with a lot of balls. and a boat ride where you shoot targets on people. i got 1800 points in that game, because i am pretty good. i liked the teacups until they started spinning way too fast. mom rode that one with me, and she does not know how to keep it from spinning, like daddy does.

it was world fest when we went, which means there is stuff there from lots of different places. we watched some dancers from scotland and ireland. and i learned sudoku! also, there is a bridge there named after us. we let other people use it, though, if they need to walk across.

on the way home from branson, i threw up in the van. it was the first time i have ever done that, and mom and dad say they hope i am not going to get carsick a lot. i think they meant "vansick," but i get the point. yuck.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

charlie brown

i do not think i ever told you that my new favorite thing is charlie brown. he is a funny guy, and a lot of people call him "blockhead." i like to call people 'blockhead' now, so if i call you that, remember that it is a term of endearment.

my dad used to read charlie brown books when he was a kid, and so now we read them together! i also watch the movies. Snoopy Come Home and A Boy Named Charlie Brown are my favorites, followed closely by the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Dad said Netflix might be calling soon to ask for their movies back. i refuse.

mom even made me a blanket with snoopy and linus and lucy and charlie brown on it! and dad let me play with his collectible charlie brown action figure that our friends jeremy and kathleen bought him a long time ago.

grandma and papa

we just got back from going somewhere else! elisabeth and mom and i went to see grandma and papa in clarksville, since we did not get to see them on spring break.

it is always a good time at their house. they got me a bike! it is a schwinn. i even let elisabeth ride.

grandma and i invented a game called "Spiders!" first the spiders have to do push-ups to get real strong, then they attack! either they can fly or tickle or run. it is a fun game.

they also have a whole bunch of flowers and a garden and a dog that i told you about before, named sugar. i remembered not to hold her by the neck this time, but i also slapped her a couple times. you guessed it; i got in trouble.

so many boundaries.