Sunday, April 22, 2007


this picture has nothing to do with what i am going to tell you about. it is me when i was elisabeth. i mean, tiny like elisabeth!

anyway, back to the present times.
i talked about silver dollar city so much that my dad took me back AGAIN on friday. man, was it ever a good time. i am getting more and more brave. this time i rode the butterflies that go really high up and down, and i tried the frogs again. i still did not like the frogs. maybe next time. we rode the flooded mine and the train and went in grandpa's crooked house, and we walked all over the place. i did not even get tired of walking around until right before we left. dad got sunburned on his face and head. i did not get sunburned, because i wore sunscreen.

i asked dad if we can live there. he said we can only just visit.

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