Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i like to read

so i have always liked to read. before i could ask mom and dad what all the letters all over everything were, i would point to them so they would tell me. i did this when we were walking and passed a sign, or when we were in the parking lot and passing the cars with license plates, or when we were sitting down in the house, i would point to the letters all over all our stuff. i have always just liked it, and when i was 2, i could read several words. but now i am 3 and i can read a whole bunch of words. people seem surprised about this, but really, it is nothing new. (can everyone not read?) i like to watch cartoons with the letters on the tv (closed captioning, mom calls it), and i like to help dad read maps when we are going to silver dollar city so we do not get lost and drive to goodman or battlefield or drive into a lake or river (the blue parts that look like snakes on the map). at night before we go to bed, i read my charlie brown comic book while dad reads his book about how to speak japanese.

today i was reading my Sam and the Firefly book to Elisabeth before we took our naps. she was really paying attention, so i think maybe she will be a good reader too.

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Anonymous said...

Sam, I have to say(speaking from a teacher's perspective) that you are pretty amazing! You are doing the best that you could do for you and Elisabeth by looking at and reading books! Keep it up, and you will be reading up a storm by kindergarten. I can't wait to hear you read to me---Katy