Friday, December 31, 2004

if you will notice, yes, that's a fat lip! Posted by Hello

worst night ever

tonight i BROKE my lip. so, i told you i have been walking a lot, right? well, this time i guess it was a mistake, because i fell down. the couch hits my face, and my lip hits my teeth, and blood comes out. daddy was sad, i was sad. mom was not here, but dad cleaned me up and put a cold, cold cloth on my lip. i think there was something freezing in the cloth, and it made me laugh because it tickled my face. at least i can laugh about it. i don't think dad can laugh about it yet. maybe tomorrow.

but on top of that, more teeth are coming in and it makes my nose run and my ears itch, and my lip already hurts. mom gave me some gooey grapey stuff, and i magically started to feel a little better, but man. it's been a rough night.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

sweet, sweet revelation

do you know what i just figured out?!?

you don't have to eat it if you don't want to.

mom is sometimes trying to give me yucky stuff to eat, like bits of noodle. or black olive. or little bread chunks with greasy, spicy stuff on top (what is wrong with plain old, good, not damp bread??) until very recently, although i would make an ugly face to make clear my displeasure, still i would eat whatever nasty bit of food it was that mom would stick in my mouth. well, unless it is REAL gross, like watermelon, and it makes me barf. i mean, what can you do? she sticks it in your mouth; you eat it.

but wait! that is not the only option! you can take it out. just pull out that slimy chunk and plop it right back down on the table. or even throw it down on the floor! you are actually in control! you win!

sweet liberty, why didn't i figure this out 8 months ago?

Monday, December 27, 2004

okay. so elmo maybe isn't out to get me.

i think he's an okay guy. a spaz, but okay.

today we went down to my other grandma and papa's house. i got to do lots of stuff like pull ornaments off of the tree and pet a cat. those are good times, when you can pet a cat.

also they all sat around and begged me to walk, so i obliged a bit. i am definitely getting better at it, and i think that soon i will be able to pretty much get into everything. the first thing on my list is the refrigerator. that is where the food goes, when i am not eating it, apparently!

grandma and papa bought me some little green papers for Christmas, and mom got kind of excited. she said she wants to take me to toys r us tomorrow, where we will give them the paper, and they will give us more presents. is every day Christmas, or what?

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Sunday, December 26, 2004


so this year i sorta understand what is going on. although lacking somewhat in motor skills, i manage to tear a little bit of paper off of the boxes. my favorite things are the bows, but i had torn them all off days ago and scattered them around grandma and pappy's living room, so alas, no bows for me on Christmas morning. oh well.

so, i'm tearing the paper like they showed me, and realization strikes. holy cow! the paper is not actually the present. the paper is just covering the present! so really, it's two presents in one. three, if you count the bow too. man. what will those crazy cats come up with next?!

i'm a little confused about which day Christmas actually is, since we open said presents the day before. my cousins all show up, and they don't even kiss me too much. i am not used to lots of commotion and other kids around! well, there's dad, but i'm used to his shenanigans. anyway, we have a good time, although i think daniel is not feeling very good. poor kid. it must be hard being only 10.5 months old. and to have a sinus infection on top of that.

the next morning, (real Christmas?) mom and dad have some big old socks sitting there when i wake up. turns out, there is lots of stuff inside the socks! i get some fruit snacks, but no matter how many times i point at the fruit snacks, they only let me eat two packs. (note to self: there are still four more packs somewhere! where??!)

also in the big sock is this crazy, spastic elmo. i am not too sure he means well. i think i will keep an eye on him for a while.