Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the mysterious box

so we are at the church yesterday, and i see this big box stuck to the wall. so i point at it and grunt and raise my eyebrows in such a way as to indicate i am asking a question, as this is how i get mom and dad to tell me the names for things.

"that is a water fountain, sam. do you want a drink?" asks my dad.

wow, i can get a drink from that box? neato! so i climb up the little stairs in front of it. dad pushes the button, and water shoots out! wow! this is the coolest thing ever. i put my face down there and cold water shoots into my mouth. this makes me laugh, and i forget that i am supposed to be drinking it. i have a good time getting my face wet for a minute. then i decide to actually drink some. then i just push the button and make the water shoot out for a while. i lose interest for a minute and run around and make noise. then i see the water fountain again and climb up there again and repeat steps one through three. then i play and run around some more, then play with the water fountain again. then mom and dad want to leave, but i have to play with the water again, just one more time!

i am considering giving up cups altogether as a means of drinking. no dishes to wash, no hassle of keeping track of a cup. and also a very cool toy. now i just need to get mom and dad on board with the idea of installing a water box at home....

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

pictures pictures!

what we have all been waiting for. these are some pictures from the last couple months. i had a pretty good summer.

action shot

as you can see, the ducks really like the bread that we throw. i only eat a piece myself occasionally now.

i am telling you it is a good time

you should try throwing rocks in the creek. (oh yeah, these next three are in Colorado.)

hey i would like to take a picture

someday i will get my hands on that camera.

mom takes too many pictures

sometimes a guy needs to protest.

good for a laugh

this trick was good for passing the time on those gazillion hours we were in the car.

this is definitely not an apple!

what a disappointment. (this is my grandma's and papa al's garden by the way)