Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween!

so this is kind of a weird holiday! you dress up like something and beg for candy. i can not complain, though, because i got to be pac man twice, and i got to get lots of good candies to eat.

we went to a party at the church on sunday and also to the big outside mall tonight. there was a costume contest, and nobody could beat macaroni and cheese girl. mom says you do not have to win to be the coolest, though.

here is a picture of me talking to the lady from tv for the contest. she asked lots of silly questions, like if i was pac man. i thought it was obvious!

there is another picture of me just in my costume.

the other picture is some pac mans that i drew. the one with the hat is junior pac man, and there are some little regular pac mans, and the rest are ghost monsters. i think they look neat with teeth!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

sorry to keep you waiting!

it has been more than a month, i know. sorry! i have been having lots of fun.
but here are three new posts for you, and i will make some more in the next few days, because i want to show you my pac man drawings.

the other day we went to the bug fair! me and mom and jessica. we saw alive bugs and dead bugs. i prefer the alive ones, but the butterflies in the case were really pretty. there were big old beetles and fire ants and i also got to hold a worm. but my favorite things at the whole place were the bees. wow, they were neat. it looked pretty crowded in that place where they live, but the guy said they like it that way, because they stay warm. when i need to get warm, i just put on my hoodie. i think i like my way better.

that last one is me thinking about maybe being entomologist someday. that means "bug toucher" in spanish.


my grandma and pappy and nany came to visit a couple weeks ago, and they stayed at a hotel. i think hotels are the only place where you are really allowed to jump on the bed with your shoes on. i am not sure why this is. but i did not argue, because it is fun! to add to the fun, the jumping makes my new thomas shoes light up. i really am getting into it here, as you can see. my vertical has also increased several inches. i am not sure if that is because of the bed or the new shoes, but i will take it. hooray for jumping and hooray for new shoes and hooray for visitors, and hooray for rules being different at hotels.

i like those packing peanuts.

some look like the letter S, and some look like the letter E. i also went through a phase of not wanting to wear clothing. i am sort of mostly past that now. mom is happy that i do not try to take off my shirt in public all the time. only sometimes.