Wednesday, October 18, 2006

sorry to keep you waiting!

it has been more than a month, i know. sorry! i have been having lots of fun.
but here are three new posts for you, and i will make some more in the next few days, because i want to show you my pac man drawings.

the other day we went to the bug fair! me and mom and jessica. we saw alive bugs and dead bugs. i prefer the alive ones, but the butterflies in the case were really pretty. there were big old beetles and fire ants and i also got to hold a worm. but my favorite things at the whole place were the bees. wow, they were neat. it looked pretty crowded in that place where they live, but the guy said they like it that way, because they stay warm. when i need to get warm, i just put on my hoodie. i think i like my way better.

that last one is me thinking about maybe being entomologist someday. that means "bug toucher" in spanish.


Anonymous said...

sam---i am so glad to see your new posts! it looks like you have been having fun :) i can't wait to see you and talk about pac man...what fun! are you getting excited about your new sister coming soon???---katy

Anonymous said...

yay Sam I am glad you put up some new posts, also that you decided that clothes aren't so bad. Tell you parents we are praying for your little sister!

kt said...

Yeah Sam long time no hear, what have you been doing? Running around like a crazy kid? Probably..

jessa said...

thanks for coming to the bug fair with me Sam. I would have gone by myself, but i'm glad i didn't have to. thanks for loving bugs with me! :) good job on learning more Spanish!