Thursday, August 24, 2006

man! it has been a good summer.

mom and dad say summer is pretty much over, even though it is still hot hot hot.

we ended the season by taking turns visiting all my grandparents. the pictures in the next two entries are from when we went to see my grandpa george in hot springs. he has long hair and a boat!

the boat

grandpa got a new boat. we went out on lake ouachita (the best lake, says mom) and had a good time. i took my life jacket off for just a minute to work on my tan, but grandpa said that is not safe, all the way around. there is skin cancer to think about, and also falling out of the boat. so we put the clothes back on and danced danced danced.


we tried to figure out why they call it "mid-america" museum, but finally we gave up and decided we did not really care. it is a fun enough place that they can call it whatever they want, as far as i am concerned.

i roared like a lion.

i played in this place with lots of mirrors, and at one point i forgot which one was the real me and smacked into the glass with my face. it did not hurt very much. mostly it made me mad. but otherwise, the mirrors were a good time!

i also saw myself looking really weird in these other mirrors. but dad looks even weirder than me!

i touched some animal poop. this is fake poop. real poop is yucky, and we do not touch that!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


did you ever notice that the bottom of your nose, around the holes, is like an M? trace it with your finger. it is. i was riding in the car the other day and discovered this and forgot to tell you.

oh. also, i am going to have a baby sister. they used to ask me whether i wanted a brother or a sister. i said brother. now they tell me it is a sister. when did i stop getting to choose? i am confused.

here she is! we saw her on TV.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

fish are friends

hooray! so yesterday my grandma and papa came over, and they had a fish tank! we went to wal mart and bought some fish for me to have in my room. here i am with my new fish!

the orange one is nemo.

the black one in packter.

the speckledy one is copster.

i named them myself!

oh! i just realized. i should let you know that that shark in there is not real. we just put him in there to make the fish nice and peppy.