Monday, March 26, 2007

last week

this past week my dad went down to mississippi because his job was there. he was building houses for people who did not have houses anymore because of a hurricane. my dad told me he would be back in seven days.

instead of staying around the house being sad and missing dad, mom and elisabeth and i decided to take some road trip adventures!

we had a really fun time, but i asked about my dad 873 times, at least. i missed him a whole lot, and i even pretended to call him one time on the phone and demand that he come back. he said he never wants to be away from all of us that long again, but i think he had a good time too.

anyway, here are some stories and pictures from our journey!

Adventure Stop #1: Grandpa!

first, we drove down to my grandpa's house. he has a boat and a four wheeler, and i got to ride on both! he is a lot of fun!!!

i learned a whole bunch of things at his house. some of them may or may not be true, as my grandpa is a real kidder.

1. there is a lion that lives in the closet. he is a nice lion, as long as you keep the door closed, and he is sleeping. if you open the door, he gets really mad!

2. there is a bomb on the screen door, and if people grandpa does not want in there try to get in, the bomb goes off and scares them!

3. i like my eggs scrambled, but grandpa likes to fry his and then cut the top open and let the yellow egg blood come out.

4. it is polite to wave to the boats when you pass them. when people do not wave, it makes grandpa angry.

i also got to go to the buxtons' house and sit by the fire and throw paperwads in there and roast marshmallows. they have three dogs, sassy, bo, and winston. sassy is a beagle like snoopy! maybe they are related.

on the way out of town, we stopped at the post office where my grandpa works. he took me to the back and weighed me and elisabeth on the big scale. i weigh 42 or 43. elisabeth weighs 14 or 15. mom would not get on that scale for some reason.

here's me dancing on the boat to some classic rock!

Adventure Stop #2: Misty and Larry!

next, we went and stayed at larry and misty's house, while mom learned how to make a quilt for elisabeth.

i liked to run down the sidewalk behind their house and do interpretive dances for my sister, for the dogs, and for whatever else they could think of. here is a picture of me really getting into it.

we also went to family park while we were in town, and i climbed the monkey bars!

they have dogs that are super fun, named abby and pearl. pearl is sugar's sister! i told you about sugar a while back. she is the dog that lives at my grandma and papa's house that you do not hold by the neck. i learned that with pearl, you can not kick her in the head. or you go to time out, and time out is no fun. there are a lot of rules with dogs! but they are really fun to run around with. even though i got in trouble with misty, she is one of my favorite friends!

Adventure Stop #3: Grandma, Pappy, and Nany

next, we drove six whole hours in the car to see my grandparents and nany.
let me tell you some things about these grandparents, so you do not get confused about which ones they are.

grandma is my friend; she colors with me.
pappy throws the shoe. (at the ceiling. long story, ask me about it sometime.)
nany sat in the chair and ate food. (she has a little stash of candy that we eat when we watch tom and jerry!)

on this trip to their house, we went to eat at a restaurant called luigi's. that was pretty exciting to me, because luigi is mario's brother. turns out, he makes good spaghetti.

also, pappy and i played baseball in the yard. here is a picture of him pitching whiffle balls to me. check out my form!

i got a bubble bath from nany and watched cartoons with her, too!

Adventure Stop #4: Cousins!

for our final stop, we went down to see my cousins. there are five of them, and it is a really really really good time to go to their house.

we played with swords. we jumped on the trampoline. i drove isaac down to the pond in the tractor, and then the battery died, so we got stuck! then the new battery made it go super fast, so i could not steer right, and i ran into the fence. nobody got hurt, though. apparently it is just a kids' tractor.

here is a picture of the seven of us! rachel is almost ten, jacob is almost seven, becky is almost six, daniel just turned three, isaac just turned one, and then of course there are my sister and me.

FINALLY, we went home to see daddy at new house in rogers. i had a whole lot of fun on my trip, but i was really really really really super glad to see my dad.

i fell asleep in the car on the way home.
the end.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

worst thing EVER

so, i do not know if you can tell from this picture, but i got a hair cut yesterday.

mom put a garbage bag around my neck and taped it there, and she got the clippers going. it was okay for most of the back, but it got close to my ear and made this loud noise, and i flipped completely out. i howled and screamed, and there was snot running out of my nose, and i went to wipe the snot, and i got hair and snot on my hands. the more i wiped, the more hair i got all over the place.

she called my dad so he could talk to me and calm me down, but really it was a trick so she could cut the bottom part and over my ears with scissors while i talked to him. i told dad to not let her cut my neck. she did not cut my neck, but the whole experience was pretty much the worst thing that has ever happened to me. not really, but that is what mom says i acted like. she said she was also afraid that someone was going to call the cops or something, because i sounded like i was being tortured. well, it was torture. maybe calling the cops is not a bad idea. next time i hear the clippers, i am calling 911.

Monday, March 05, 2007

me and my sister

here are a few pictures of me and that little sister i talk about all the time. (i am the one getting gradually more upside down.)
we have a good time. she talks to me and smiles at me a lot, and i help her do her exercises to make her legs strong. mom says ellie might be a catcher someday, while i play short stop. or maybe she will play short, and i will catch.

we got a new van, which is super exciting. it is a lot of room to play and really big windows to look out of.

also our church moved buildings, and i have had a really good time going with dad to the new church a lot and helping "unpack" toys. last week at church we made maps, and i drew the chrysler building on mine!