Monday, March 26, 2007

Adventure Stop #3: Grandma, Pappy, and Nany

next, we drove six whole hours in the car to see my grandparents and nany.
let me tell you some things about these grandparents, so you do not get confused about which ones they are.

grandma is my friend; she colors with me.
pappy throws the shoe. (at the ceiling. long story, ask me about it sometime.)
nany sat in the chair and ate food. (she has a little stash of candy that we eat when we watch tom and jerry!)

on this trip to their house, we went to eat at a restaurant called luigi's. that was pretty exciting to me, because luigi is mario's brother. turns out, he makes good spaghetti.

also, pappy and i played baseball in the yard. here is a picture of him pitching whiffle balls to me. check out my form!

i got a bubble bath from nany and watched cartoons with her, too!

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