Friday, July 27, 2007

bigger better funner sister

so my sister is getting big like mom, just like i am getting big like my dad. the best thing about this is that she is more fun!

dad says i better be nice to her now, because then she will be nice to me when she is big enough to bite and smack me.

so, i try to teach her stuff. the other day mom and i went to walmart to buy elisabeth some cars so she could play cars with me. i tried to show her how to make the car sound with her mouth. she concentrated really hard and can sort of do it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


so i thought i would show you what i have been working on. i like to draw various kinds of pacmans. pacman chasing a ghost monster and being very angry. pacman with gigantic teeth. pacman with hair. pacman with legs and feet. pacman eating dots. you get the idea.

these ones are not for sale, but i work on commission. just drop me a line sometime.

Monday, July 23, 2007

this one has a SPOILER, so be careful.

so there is this movie called transformers. not the new one, with all the exploding and the headaches, but the old one, from when my dad was a kid. dad bought it, and i like to watch it. then his friend gave him the soundtrack, so i have my parents play it in the car 87,000 times per day.

by far the scene that has impacted me the most is the one where optimus prime dies. they were ambushed by the decepticons. he defeats megatron but gets fatally wounded. optimus prime turns all grey. this sad song plays, which is the song that is my favorite from the soundtrack. it is number 3, if you have the cd. i think my mom and dad are tired of it. anyway, it is touching and sad, and a little bit disturbing. but before he dies, optimus prime passes on the matrix of leadership to ultramagnus. later hot rod gets it and becomes really powerful!

summer summer summer

last week we drove all over the place and saw people and did stuff!

we went to see my cousins again in oklahoma. we swam in the pool and rode the four wheeler, and we even saw a tarantula on the porch! it was a crazy time and a fun time, and i really want to go back soon.

then we went to see my grandpa who has a boat. we went out on the boat of course, which is always a good time. i remembered to wave at all the boats that went past us, but i did not dance very much this time. mom and dad failed to put my sunscreen on correctly, so i have a big stripe on my face. they are pretty sad about it, but it doesn't hurt that much. i did a good job dunking my head in the water. dad made me, and i did not want to do it, but now i am pretty proud of myself.

Monday, July 09, 2007


boogers only come out of your nose.

they are really green and yucky.

you can not eat them.

p.s. that is not a booger. but if it was green instead of purple, it would sure look like it!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

fourth 4th.

this year was my fourth 4th of july. it was a pretty good time.

i mostly like the fireworks, but they are also kind of scary.

the sparklers are fun until you throw the spent-but-still-hot stick up in the air and it lands on your neck and burns you.

the other stuff that everyone was lighting and setting off was neat to look at, but way too loud. at first, i was really scared. here's a picture of me running away. a nice lady named shelly showed me that they were pretty and not scary. it was still too super loud, so she let me borrow her firing range ear covers. that made things a lot better, sound-wise, but i wanted to go back inside where i was the loudest thing around.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

the problem with elisabeth

is that she puts everything in her mouth. i have to tell her not to put wires in her mouth a lot, and also markers and my food. she also tries to bite books that i am reading to her.

today, we were playing with power rangers. then she had to go and bite the yellow one's head. maybe she was pretending to be the bad guy.

anyway, considering this, i did not dare let her touch the praying mantis we found outside. you can see her hand reaching for it. i kept him safe.