Monday, July 23, 2007

this one has a SPOILER, so be careful.

so there is this movie called transformers. not the new one, with all the exploding and the headaches, but the old one, from when my dad was a kid. dad bought it, and i like to watch it. then his friend gave him the soundtrack, so i have my parents play it in the car 87,000 times per day.

by far the scene that has impacted me the most is the one where optimus prime dies. they were ambushed by the decepticons. he defeats megatron but gets fatally wounded. optimus prime turns all grey. this sad song plays, which is the song that is my favorite from the soundtrack. it is number 3, if you have the cd. i think my mom and dad are tired of it. anyway, it is touching and sad, and a little bit disturbing. but before he dies, optimus prime passes on the matrix of leadership to ultramagnus. later hot rod gets it and becomes really powerful!

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