Monday, December 21, 2009


We sat on santa's lap the other day. He was vaguely familiar, but i can't place it. Bethy had ear infections. I was tired. Otherwise, it was a pretty good day.

Footies (finally)

I haven't had any pajamas with feet for a long time. like, since i was really super little. and mom didn't put me in them very much because i sweat a lot. BUT. i see my sister wearing pajamas like this a lot, so i kept telling mom i wanted some. and then, my Aunt Michelle sent me some in the mail today! yahoo! i put them on to take my nap this afternoon. then i got hot later. but really that's probably because i have a fever, and not actually because of the pajamas.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today is my birthday. I am 6.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


My mom and I went to the Halloween store, and I saw this awesome two-handed axe. Mom said I could only get it if it was part of my halloween costume. SO, i was an orc warrior for halloween. I was thinking about the orcs from world of warcraft, but then i watched the lord of the rings with daddy, and i wanted to be an orc from LOtR instead. I kind of ended up being a mix. I wanted mom to make me a helm that looked like samwise's helm from when he and frodo went to mordor and had to wear orc armor as disguises. The symbol on my tunic is the horde symbol from world of warcraft. I had cool arm greaves and shoulders, and leg greaves, and a cape. I helped amber paint the belt so it looked old.

Anyway, i think i make a pretty cool orc. i didn't like wearing the teeth, though. they made me drool a lot.
First we went to trunk or treat at church, and then my dad took me trick or treating on my street for the first time. There was one house that was really scary. The zombie crawling around on the ground looked way scarier in someone's dark yard than it did in the Halloween Express.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


so, i haven't updated in a long old time. things are going pretty good! i like kindergarten a whole lot, but what i want to tell you about is Disney World. you need to see pics. it was a really good time.

first of all, these are some pictures i took. everything looks neat when you are seeing it through a camera lens. your sister, your tv, the carpet, your feet, the bling at the gift shop, etc.

we stayed at this awesome hotel called Pop Century, in the 1980s wing. there were giant pac mans and ghost monsters all over the sides of our building. and lots of other things.

have i told you i'm going to be a photographer?


aaaaand, these are some pictures my mom took. did i mention that we had a good time? i could live there.

my favorite rides were test track and big thunder mountain. in case you are unfamiliar with disney rides, big thunder mountain is a roller coaster. my favorite ride is a roller coaster. i am getting to be pretty much the bravest.

i'm also getting really strong. strong enough to hold the ball at epcot. but not quite strong enough to pull the sword out of the stone. maybe next time. bethie said that epcot ball (it is really the Mission Space ride) is the biggest ball she's ever seen in her whole life. i told her that's not true; the sun is.

also, the tomorrowland transit authority opened back up the last day we were there, so we got to ride it!

man, that was a fun trip. at the very end, before we came home, mom and dad let me put the new antenna topper on. it is a mickey mouse ice cream bar with a bite out of it. probably our best one yet!