Wednesday, August 29, 2007

my friends

i have a new friend named "jeff." i know my dad's name is jeff, but this is another jeff. he is my aunt michelle's jeff. they came to visit this week, and we had a super good time. we went to devil's den and ate a picnic with a thousand flies. i threw up after lunch, but then i was okay. mom said it was because of the heat, but i said it was because she made me eat too much sandwich. but who knows. we played on the seesaw, and we walked in the creek and threw rocks and saw a deer.

here is me and my buddy jeff on the seesaw. we decided only boys can be buddies. girls are just girls.) i am not powerful enough to lift him up, so he had to kinda jump a little bit to get himself off the ground. i think i might be powerful when i am 34.

and here is a picture from later when they came to our house, and i read my charlie brown book to them. they said i was "amazing," but i did not even write that book, i only read it.

they brought me a cool optimus prime and a slip and slide, and then they had to go back to maine, which is apparently really really really really really far away. oh! speaking of maine, they also got me this cool as a moose maine shirt. here i was being a super bad monster, wearing the shirt on my head, but after i put it on normal, mom took me to the bathroom to show me how the moose glows in the dark! very cool.

Friday, August 24, 2007

playing in the rain

it has been way too hot lately. so when it finally rained, mom said we should go outside and celebrate!

here are some pictures of elisabeth and me splashing around in the puddles outside.

my favorite part was the stomping, because it made the water fly way up in the air!

Monday, August 20, 2007

i love my mom.

this is what i just told her, so she would know just how much:

i love you even more than the shark loves his tail.

i love you even more than the hand loves his butt.

the best kind of milk

is milk with ice in it. my pappy taught me that.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

well, do you??

so the other day we went to the library. it was exciting. i could not calm down, because i love the library.

first we went for baby bookworms, where my sister and a bunch of her friends and acquaintances hang out and sing little songs together, and/or just stare at each other a lot and look confused or mildly amused.

i did not want to sit still through baby bookworms. so mom said if i did not calm down, i would not be able to stay for my preschool reading time.

these are things that i learned are not the same thing as calming down:
1. pulling on elisabeth's arms so she could not do the little hand motions
2. laying on mom so she could not lift up elisabeth for the popcorn song
3. rolling around in the middle of the circle in front of the babies
4. knocking down ivy
5. whining and pouting loudly about not getting to play with puzzles

to make a long story short, we did not stick around for reading time. AND mom said i could not even pick out any books. everyone knows how i love to read, so this was a bad punishment. i guess i convinced her that reading was never a bad thing, and it was not a good punishment to make me not read. so she let me pick out one book.

i picked out this one.

mom laughed and then scowled and said i am too smart for my own good.

Monday, August 13, 2007

been a busy couple weeks!

you may have wondered if i have just been sleeping the past couple weeks or only just being stressed out. the answer is no! mixed in with the stress, there has been some fun.

two weeks or so ago, we went to this big big house near branson. we went swimming in the pool and in the lake, and i got to ride on a seadoo with mom. we went 24! it was a good time. i got to swim a lot with my friends amy and olivia, and mom and elisabeth too. dad taught me how to play poker. he has a good poker face. later we watched a movie, and i got super tired.

also one day dad took me to silver dollar city. we prayed that it would not be too hot, and God made it a little less hot, i think. i still think about silver dollar city and all the rides i rode in that city. i wish we could live there. we rode the flooded mine four times. i tried to break it up a little bit and only ride it once, then walk around, then come back to it. i am not sure dad appreciated that method so much, since silver dollar city is on the side of a mountain.

also, a week ago my grandma and papa came. they brought me a super cool blue camo hat and some sunglasses, and they also brought sugar, the dog. she barked at me so i would not hold her by the neck. and then my grandma and pappy came a few days later. they brought some fun fun toys, like this yellow thing with all the little sticks in it.

Monday, August 06, 2007


so my dad said that i have the emotional stability of a junior high girl lately. i do not know what that means, but it sounds weird.

i do not want to move into newer house. it is empty. my toys are here. my bed is here. mom said we can paint my room a neat color, so i suggested light red. then she told me that is actually pink. so i picked light green instead. but i still like my room now better, with the pictures of pac man and strongbad and homestar runner and trogdor hanging up. and what is going to happen to copster, my fish? i am hoping i can talk them out of it, because i love new house. i do not love newer house. it is all pretty depressing.