Monday, August 13, 2007

been a busy couple weeks!

you may have wondered if i have just been sleeping the past couple weeks or only just being stressed out. the answer is no! mixed in with the stress, there has been some fun.

two weeks or so ago, we went to this big big house near branson. we went swimming in the pool and in the lake, and i got to ride on a seadoo with mom. we went 24! it was a good time. i got to swim a lot with my friends amy and olivia, and mom and elisabeth too. dad taught me how to play poker. he has a good poker face. later we watched a movie, and i got super tired.

also one day dad took me to silver dollar city. we prayed that it would not be too hot, and God made it a little less hot, i think. i still think about silver dollar city and all the rides i rode in that city. i wish we could live there. we rode the flooded mine four times. i tried to break it up a little bit and only ride it once, then walk around, then come back to it. i am not sure dad appreciated that method so much, since silver dollar city is on the side of a mountain.

also, a week ago my grandma and papa came. they brought me a super cool blue camo hat and some sunglasses, and they also brought sugar, the dog. she barked at me so i would not hold her by the neck. and then my grandma and pappy came a few days later. they brought some fun fun toys, like this yellow thing with all the little sticks in it.

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