Tuesday, August 14, 2007

well, do you??

so the other day we went to the library. it was exciting. i could not calm down, because i love the library.

first we went for baby bookworms, where my sister and a bunch of her friends and acquaintances hang out and sing little songs together, and/or just stare at each other a lot and look confused or mildly amused.

i did not want to sit still through baby bookworms. so mom said if i did not calm down, i would not be able to stay for my preschool reading time.

these are things that i learned are not the same thing as calming down:
1. pulling on elisabeth's arms so she could not do the little hand motions
2. laying on mom so she could not lift up elisabeth for the popcorn song
3. rolling around in the middle of the circle in front of the babies
4. knocking down ivy
5. whining and pouting loudly about not getting to play with puzzles

to make a long story short, we did not stick around for reading time. AND mom said i could not even pick out any books. everyone knows how i love to read, so this was a bad punishment. i guess i convinced her that reading was never a bad thing, and it was not a good punishment to make me not read. so she let me pick out one book.

i picked out this one.

mom laughed and then scowled and said i am too smart for my own good.


Mia Bella! said...

Yay I'm glad this post made it on here... It was soo funny to see in person (just the book part).... Mostly in that laugh but I'm not supposed to laugh cause you're in trouble kinda way.... But you are way too smart! Maybe Thursday will be different... I know you can do it! :)

kt said...

lol, that is funny, Sam! You really are smart..