Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry Christmas eve!

Christmas is a good time. me and my sister got new stripey pajamas, and we went to grandma and pappy and nany's house! i keep hearing stuff about presents and surprises, but i am not sure when we will get them. all i know is there is candy and cookies all around that i am not supposed to eat instead of dinner, even though they taste better. there are also mysterious gifts in bags downstairs, and also around the tree upstairs. apparently it is not nice to step on the presents.

it is also not nice to lick your sister on the forehead. who knew?

anyway, i hope you have a merry christmas. i plan to.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

nose eater

my sister is wearing my hungry caterpillar shirt! i was super little like her one time, and i could fit in this. i do not really remember that, though. i think she is hungry in this picture, since she is trying to eat my nose. you have to be real careful with her head, since it is decilate. that means soft.

also, baths really are a good time. you should not wear your clothes in the bathtub, or they get super wet. i like to take my shirt off like this, because it makes mom laugh. she called me "bathholio," but i do not know what she is talking about.

silver dollar city!

hey people! i went to silver dollar city with dad and amanda kay last weekend! it was a good time. amanda kay is a girl. silver dollar city is this place that you drive to, and there are rides and things to eat and look at. actually, mega man went to silver dollar city. here is a picture of him in his fighting stance.

we rode a lot of things. the frogs were sort of scary, because at certain places, they bounce really a lot, and it is all jerky and weird. but the lady bugs were fun. i rode that one twice.

Friday, December 08, 2006

let me tell you a story.

i tried to go through the tunnel, but i could not, because there was a cow in the tunnel. i smacked the cow, and he was so sad. i spanked him, and i locked the door. he was a mean cow. but the baby cow was nice. i gave him a hug. the end.

i told this story to mom and dad at Monte Ne, where we went to eat chicken and green beans and bread and corn. they did not really understand, even though i repeated it several times. they thought maybe i dreamed that, but really i just like to make up stories.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

pac bed!

my grandma and papa brought me a new bed, and i love it! it is big, and it has pac man stuff all over it. mom says those sheets are almost as old as her. my friend britney made me the ghost monster pillow, and also a pac man one to match.

Monday, December 04, 2006

no teeth!

look, my baby sister has no teeth! that is why she can not eat pizza.

also, she has her own blog now.

mom has to type it for her, because she can not do it by herself.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


it is fun to have a baby sister, but you have to be real quiet kind of a lot. she still sleeps a lot and shows no interest in video games. we must remedy this soon.
she did look at mr. potato head for a while today, though. it is a step in the right direction.

here is a picture of us! my best brother tshirt is still being de-stained, so you will have to look at the orange one instead. it has frogs on it!

Friday, December 01, 2006


my friend rhonda sent this picture of me. i thought it was elisabeth at first!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

speaking of birthdays...

the day after my birthday, my baby sister was finally born! it sure took her a long time to finally decide to get out of there. she sleeps a whole lot right now, but pretty soon i am going to teach her how to play mega man.

here is a picture of her being silly. she likes to sleep like that, with her hands way up over her head and her hat pulled down over one eye. mom said i did too.

i will get a picture of the two of us together, as soon as mom washes the throw up off of my Best Brother Ever tshirt, so i can wear that. (i got sick last night, but i feel much better now.)


a lot of fun stuff is happening these days. for starters, i am THREE now. i think that is pretty grown up.

i had two parties. i am not sure why i did not get three parties, since i am three years old, but the two i had were pretty fun! the first one was at grandma and papa's house. i helped roll up the crescent rolls, we ate a bunch of turkey, and then we got to eat my pac man cake! mostly i am only interested in the m&ms on top.

a couple days later, we had another party at fun city pizza. this is THE place to go and have a party, in case you are looking for a good place to do that. my grandma and pappy and nany and also mom and dad and brad and britney were there. brad and britney climbed around in the tubes with me, because mom said she did not want to get stuck and have my baby sister in a tunnel. i think that would have been pretty neat, though.

here are some pictures of me blowing out candles! i am pretty good at it, as you can see.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

baby sister

i hope i did not get you too excited with that title. she is not here yet, but mom and dad say it will be very soon. it all happens the day after my birthday. we are going to go to fun city pizza! i am not sure which to be more excited about. i will be three, and i think that is super old. sometimes i like to pretend i will be a baby for my birthday.

i keep trying to coax my sister out. i hug her. i kiss her. i talk to her. i put her toys and clothes under mom's shirt so she can see them. she is in mom's belly still, and man, is that belly getting big. i think i could maybe fit in there, but there is too much fun to be had on the outside. if only baby sis would realize that.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

last weekend

mom and i went to visit my grandma and papa in clarksville. dad had to go to dallas, so he did not get to go with us. we went up on a mountain and looked at the tiny little trees and stuff on the ground below. the leaves were pretty.

my grandma and papa have a neat cat and dog. the cat is named garfield, and he is sometimes nice and sometimes not. he only swiped at me once, but mom said that is because i was in his face too much and being too super loud. the dog knows how to talk. do not ask me how, but she only does it when my papa is around.

here are some pictures from the mountain! one is of me and my grandma. the other is me explaining how, when donkey kong is up high, he throws barrels down on mario. grandma thinks i play too many video games.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween!

so this is kind of a weird holiday! you dress up like something and beg for candy. i can not complain, though, because i got to be pac man twice, and i got to get lots of good candies to eat.

we went to a party at the church on sunday and also to the big outside mall tonight. there was a costume contest, and nobody could beat macaroni and cheese girl. mom says you do not have to win to be the coolest, though.

here is a picture of me talking to the lady from tv for the contest. she asked lots of silly questions, like if i was pac man. i thought it was obvious!

there is another picture of me just in my costume.

the other picture is some pac mans that i drew. the one with the hat is junior pac man, and there are some little regular pac mans, and the rest are ghost monsters. i think they look neat with teeth!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

sorry to keep you waiting!

it has been more than a month, i know. sorry! i have been having lots of fun.
but here are three new posts for you, and i will make some more in the next few days, because i want to show you my pac man drawings.

the other day we went to the bug fair! me and mom and jessica. we saw alive bugs and dead bugs. i prefer the alive ones, but the butterflies in the case were really pretty. there were big old beetles and fire ants and i also got to hold a worm. but my favorite things at the whole place were the bees. wow, they were neat. it looked pretty crowded in that place where they live, but the guy said they like it that way, because they stay warm. when i need to get warm, i just put on my hoodie. i think i like my way better.

that last one is me thinking about maybe being entomologist someday. that means "bug toucher" in spanish.


my grandma and pappy and nany came to visit a couple weeks ago, and they stayed at a hotel. i think hotels are the only place where you are really allowed to jump on the bed with your shoes on. i am not sure why this is. but i did not argue, because it is fun! to add to the fun, the jumping makes my new thomas shoes light up. i really am getting into it here, as you can see. my vertical has also increased several inches. i am not sure if that is because of the bed or the new shoes, but i will take it. hooray for jumping and hooray for new shoes and hooray for visitors, and hooray for rules being different at hotels.

i like those packing peanuts.

some look like the letter S, and some look like the letter E. i also went through a phase of not wanting to wear clothing. i am sort of mostly past that now. mom is happy that i do not try to take off my shirt in public all the time. only sometimes.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

slides are good

the other night mom and dad and i went and bought some meat sandwiches from arbys and took them to the park. while we ate, we could hear the high school football game nearby. i think Jesus was the guy that talks. you know, "touchdown Rogers!!" and all that. mom and dad laughed a little when i said so, but it really was him.

my favorite things about parks are the slides. if it has a good slide, it is a good park. this one had two, and one of them was real big. i am not afraid to climb up all those stairs and slide down.

it is also fun to slide if you sing numa numa while you are going down. it sounds all echo-ey and good. as you can see, this is what i am doing in the yellow slide, including the dance moves.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

man! it has been a good summer.

mom and dad say summer is pretty much over, even though it is still hot hot hot.

we ended the season by taking turns visiting all my grandparents. the pictures in the next two entries are from when we went to see my grandpa george in hot springs. he has long hair and a boat!

the boat

grandpa got a new boat. we went out on lake ouachita (the best lake, says mom) and had a good time. i took my life jacket off for just a minute to work on my tan, but grandpa said that is not safe, all the way around. there is skin cancer to think about, and also falling out of the boat. so we put the clothes back on and danced danced danced.


we tried to figure out why they call it "mid-america" museum, but finally we gave up and decided we did not really care. it is a fun enough place that they can call it whatever they want, as far as i am concerned.

i roared like a lion.

i played in this place with lots of mirrors, and at one point i forgot which one was the real me and smacked into the glass with my face. it did not hurt very much. mostly it made me mad. but otherwise, the mirrors were a good time!

i also saw myself looking really weird in these other mirrors. but dad looks even weirder than me!

i touched some animal poop. this is fake poop. real poop is yucky, and we do not touch that!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


did you ever notice that the bottom of your nose, around the holes, is like an M? trace it with your finger. it is. i was riding in the car the other day and discovered this and forgot to tell you.

oh. also, i am going to have a baby sister. they used to ask me whether i wanted a brother or a sister. i said brother. now they tell me it is a sister. when did i stop getting to choose? i am confused.

here she is! we saw her on TV.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

fish are friends

hooray! so yesterday my grandma and papa came over, and they had a fish tank! we went to wal mart and bought some fish for me to have in my room. here i am with my new fish!

the orange one is nemo.

the black one in packter.

the speckledy one is copster.

i named them myself!

oh! i just realized. i should let you know that that shark in there is not real. we just put him in there to make the fish nice and peppy.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

not afraid

so, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber came to this bookstore the other day! i thought it was a pretty neat coincidence that they were just passing through the area and very nice of them to hang out and hug kids for an hour. we waited in line for a long time, and a bunch of kids cried and freaked out. i thought maybe Bob or Larry were pinching them or something, but mostly i was more curious than afraid. we got to the front of the line, and mom said to go hug Bob and Larry. they were a lot bigger than i thought, but it was not really scary or anything like that. i took an extra long look at Larry, because he wanted me to give him five, on the side, just like dad. maybe it is a common thing. neither of them pinched me, and i was glad about that. then we got some candy and waited around a while, because mom said dad would be done working soon. she said she was super proud of me for not being afraid. i am not sure why that warranted super proudness, but i will take it!

before long, dad came out of a room in the back of the bookstore, and he was really really sweaty. i guess maybe they were playing catch back there in the back or riding exercise bikes. mom asked him what it was like. dad said it was one of the weirder experiences of his life, seeing all those kids through this weird little dark window, and about 25% of them being completely terrified of him. so i guess maybe he was watching from a room in the back? and that is what the kids were afraid of? i am mostly confused. and mildly suspicious.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

long time no write.

mom tells me it has been a month since i blogged last. this is for a couple reasons. first, i am having too much fun to remember to write. second, i depend on mom to remind me to write, and she is falling down on the job, as well as dropping the ball and sitting on her hands. (what?)

they finally bought me that favorite book of mine, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. this is a good thing, since the library never had it anymore after that first time. it was the other day, when they left me for a whole day and night with my grandma and pappy and nany. i think maybe they missed me so much that they had to buy me something. i really did not realize they were gone until well into day two, but please do not tell them that. i think they would be sad.

in other news, i am learning manners. did you know that when you burp or fart, you should always say "excuse me"? a week or so ago, i was sitting at the rockhouse on a couch coloring, while dad and a bunch of other people talked about Bible study. it came out pretty quietly and surprised me, and i called out, "I FARTED!" everyone laughed a lot. i know mom thought it was really funny, because her face got red and she looked around a whole lot, i think to make sure other people were laughing. now that i think about it, i forgot to say "excuse me." oh well. i think at least i am on the right track, at least.
step one: identify the problem. step two: insert appropriate manner words.

Monday, June 19, 2006

summer time summer time

man. i am really having an action packed summer!

i have been swimming a whole lot, and that is really fun. i used to hate it a lot when water got in my face, even in the bath tub. but really, water in your face is not so bad. just make sure to blow out and blink a lot. also, it is fun to pretend that the lake is made of apple juice. mom says there is fish poop in there, but if you just think about apples, it is not yucky when you drink it.

here is a picture of me making a mud castle at beaver lake.

i have also been having fun reading books and words.
my current favorites are:

"DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!" this one is about a pigeon who wants to drive a bus really really bad. so bad that smoke comes out of his head and his feathers fall out. and his eyes turn red, and he screams a lot.

"It's Potty Time" about going to the potty. it makes me want to flush flush flush. it is a good time; you should read that one.

"There's a Wocket in my Pocket" about all the weird critters that live in this kid's house.

books make life more fun, because you can think about them later and sing songs with words from your books. like the other day, i was singing, and out came, "Did you ever have a wocket in mine toilet?" i think that is a keeper. i had dad write it down for me.

speaking of Dad, HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!! it was yesterday, i know. here is a picture of me in my new My Dad Rocks happy fathers' day t-shirt.

also, i like to play computer games. pac man and world of warcraft are my favorites. oh! and stinkoman, on the in WoW, i have a level 2 elf warrior named Gopli. i like to fight the pigs.

oh! and happy birthday to aunt keri and jenni and nany!

Friday, June 02, 2006


so it has been almost a month since i posted the last time.

so much is happening! we moved, and if you remember, i was a little nervous about it. but! i love the new house. i love my room. mom and aunt amber painted some pictures from homestar runner to hang up in there, and we are also going to put up some pac man pictures and things, because pac man is, after all, the best thing ever. i can draw pac man, and the monsters too, and i will post some of my art as soon as i figure out how to work the scanner. anyway, i like our new house so much that i do not really even want to talk about the old house. it is that good.

we live super close to the lake, and i think that tomorrow i get to go swimming! hooray! i have new orange swim trunks and everything.

oh man! i almost forgot. sometime i will have to show you my favorite dance. it is called Tunak Tunak, and i just keep getting better and better at it. ummmm, mom says it is a good thing i can not really read yet, because there is a word next to the TV part of the video that is not fit for little boys. i recommend just watching the video! so, learn it, and someday we will dance Tunak Tunak together!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

life is changing

so, i feel sort of old. i think. i hear adults always talking about life whizzing right by, and all kinds of things happening and changing, and now i think i am learning what they mean.

we are moving. my whole life we lived in this town. i guess it is an okay town. i think i like it more than mom and dad do. we have lots of friends here, and there are at least two good parks. where we are moving has no pond with ducks or swimming pool in the backyard. mom and dad say it will be super fun there, though, and usually they do not lie. it is stressing me out having all these boxes around, especially when my toys get put in there and taped up! i keep trying to unpack while they are not looking, but they always figure it out and put the stuff back in.

also, life is more interesting before, because they say there is a baby in mom's belly. at first i did not really understand, and they mostly kept asking me if i want a brother or a sister. i can not really decide, so i usually give a different answer each day. maybe there will be one of each. anyway, i did not really believe it about the baby stuff, but today we got to see it on TV at the doctor's office. it is not as cute as me. the head is gigantic, and it kind of just has hands and feet, instead of arms and legs. there it was, just wiggling around there, and mom and dad were happy. so am i, and they say the arms and legs will grow out, so that is good.

Monday, April 03, 2006

grandpa's boat

my grandpa has a big old boat! we went all over the lake in it and saw ducks and sticks in the water, and also other boats. not everyone waves when you wave. why not? it is fun to be friendly.
grandpa let me drive, but do not tell anyone, because i forgot to get my license! mostly we went around in a circle. i like to turn the wheel just one way.

as you can see from the pictures, it is a really good time. maybe some day i will have long hair like my grandpa. he is a real rebel!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

fun with oranges

you can throw them. you can pretend they are telephones. it is a good time.

(that is me and my grandma sandy. and some oranges.)

questions, questions.

1. What time is it: 4:50pm
2. Name: Samuel
3. Nickname: Sam!
4. Piercings: one time I cut my finger and had to get a Scooby doo bandaid!

5. What is the most recent movie you've seen in a theater? Madagascar! I really even paid attention for about half an hour before I wanted to run up and down the aisle and yell and stuff. Mom and dad would not let me.
6. eye color: bluey greeny

7. Place of birth: St. Edwards. They tell me it was a crazy few days.
8. Favorite FOOD: Burger! I love a good burger, any time of day. I would eat them for breakfast if they would let me. I am also a fan of grapes. Red, black, green, whatever!

9. Ever been to Africa: Where is Africa?? I know I have been to 15 states, though! Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, florida, south Carolina, new mexico, texas
10. Ever been toilet papering (rolling): no. mom says that is BAD.

11. Love someone so much it made you cry: I love homestar runner so much that it makes me cry when mom and dad say I can not watch it.

12. Been in a car accident: no way. Scary! but my cousins were in the car when nany backed into the big yellow thing at walmart.
13. Croutons or bacon bits: BURGER
14. Favorite day of the week: ummmmm I like them all!
15. Favorite restaurant: donalds! Burger!
16. Favorite Flower: the ones that smell good and do not have bees in them
17. Favorite sport to watch: curling. Swish swish swish swish!
18. Favorite drink? Applejuice. Hands down!
19. Favorite ice cream: I am not really an ice cream fan. Mom and dad took me to braums, and I wanted a coke instead.
20. Disney or Warner Brothers: Disney! I went to his world a few months ago.

21. Favorite fast food restaurant: donalds!
22. What color is your bedroom carpet: the same as the rest of the house. Speaking of carpet, there is another big stain, because I unloaded a whole bunch of barf on it last night! My stomach hurt, and I told mom. Then it just came flying out of my mouth.

23. How many times you failed your driver's test: oooh, driving! That sounds fun. I have driven a big van, but it was not technically legal.
24. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail: the last comment on my blog was a mean one. I erased it.
25. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Do they take credit cards at the arcade in the mall?

26. What is your bedtime? It is supposed to be 8:30, but I try and make it not happen as much as possible.

27. Favorite TV show: becky! (home movies) or veggie tales.

28. Last person you went to dinner with: dad and nany

29. Ford or Chevy: what?
30. What is your favorite color? Red! Yes! Red!
31. How many tattoos do you have? I specialize in making my own tattoos with a pen. Usually lines.
32. How many pets do you have: I like to think that thunder and b’elanna and Minnie pearl are my dogs.
33. Which came first the chicken or the egg? I will have to think about this one for a while. I have a toy chicken. Maybe I will ask him.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

save larry!

okay! so i feel like i am getting some mixed messages in life.

eat your vegetables.

watch your vegetables sing and dance and teach you life lessons on television.

we are sitting in red lobster, nany and daddy and me, because i really really want shrimp for lunch. for some reason, with the shrimp, they give me sliced up cucumbers with ranch dip!! i am horrified. dad says, "sam, eat your cucumbers." all i can do is sit there and look disturbed, because i am. dad asks me, "sam, why don't you want to eat your cucumbers?"


it takes a minute, but dad realizes that i am talking about bob the tomato. best friend of larry, the cucumber, from veggie tales. no, daddy, i will not dip sliced up pieces of bob's best friend larry in ranch sauce and eat them.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

staying awake 101

so i do not like to go to sleep. i do not like naps, and i really really really do not like bed time. do you? i doubt it! here are a few of my methods for staying awake. they are not perfect, because i always end up falling asleep eventually. but i hope that you find them useful!

1. protest. sometimes this will buy you a couple minutes before the laying down happens. you might get to watch a homestar runner cartoon with daddy.

2. demand drink. juice is best, but i always end up with water, if anything. i am working on this one.

3. claim that something hurts. just the first thing that comes to mind. if you can not think of anything right away, just say, "...hurts!" this actually works out better for you in the long run, because then mom or dad have to figure out what hurts, in case something actually does.

4. kick off blanky. demand blanky. repeat.

5. engage the layer-down in conversation of any kind. usually a persistent "mom.".... "mom."........ "mom."....... will work. they cannot help but respond, even if it is just to say, "shhh. lay down and go to sleep, sam." tell them about every sound you hear. tell them about your day. sometimes if you are lucky, they will talk back a little bit before they remember you are supposed to be sleeping.

when all of those have worn out their usefulness, just fight to stay awake. here are some good methods:

1. kick and flail. motion and exertion keep your body awake. lift your head up and bang it down on the pillow. do whatever it takes.

2. inch your way up the pillow until it is completely uncomfortable or until you fall out of bed. it only hurts a little, and it is a sure way to keep yourself awake.

3. sing. it does not have to be a real song. just anything. make up your own words. this keeps your brain in it.

4. when all else fails, blink a lot.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

kodak moment

left to right: daniel, ME, rebecca, jacob, rachel, and isaac

this is me and my cousins. we are arranged according to size and age, except the little bitty one, isaac. he can not really sit up by himself, and his head is still a little bit flopsy.

i overheard aunt keri and uncle michael telling mom and dad that they need to catch up, and mom and dad said that would only happen if they adopt a herd of 8 year olds. would they really do that?!?

p.s. i am wearing jacob's shoes, and the baby becky is holding is not real.


i have five cousins. three are older than i am, and two are younger. having cousins is really a good time. i got to see mine this weekend because it is daniel's birthday; he is 2! i remember when i turned two, and it was a lot of fun!
the thing is, i am not really that used to being around other kids, and it kind of surpises me when life does not really revolve around me. i am trying to learn how to deal with this, but it is really hard. what do you do, for instance, when daniel steals your toy that you are playing with? you love him, but you are mad at him. it is not like other random kids that you do not really know, and you would not mind hitting. i had a little bit of internal conflict, and i decided to hit him anyway. i mostly was just playing around, though, when i chased him through the house with those big plastic spoons, whacking him on the head. mostly.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


so there have been some people who have written on my blog lately. most of them are friends of mine, and i am always real excited to read what they have to say. i apologize that i do not really ever respond to your comments on here, and i want you to know that i love you more for writing to me. please keep it up!

there are some other people who write on here, who i do not know. they all say the same thing, about how they like my blog, and i might like their blog too. let me tell you, that is a lie! never believe it when someone says something like, "you might find my blog inquisitive," and then they put a place where you can click it and it goes to their blog. it is never inquisitive! it is only stupid! never click those! to save you from wanting to click on those blogs and go there and be sad and not inquisitated, i made it where you have to type some letters that you see, in order to post here. it is very exciting, because i think it is a secret language! i have heard that the people with the inquisitive blogs do not know how to type the secret language! anyway, please keep writing and reading and posting. next time i see you, i will give you a good tickling, followed by some shrieky laughter!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


it is not pretty, people. i have an addiction.

i like my Finding Nemo computer game and the Homestar Runner website more than i like my toys.

i wake up early and yell, "NEMO! NEMO! STAR!" to mom, in hopes that she will get up and turn on the computer.

i know how to click on the Firefox shortcut and find under daddy's bookmarks. nobody showed me how.

i would play/watch them all the time, if i could.

i am counting down the days until my Trogdor t-shirt will fit me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

too cool for my own good.

i wanted these really, really cool glasses, but mom said they were not worth ten dollars. i disagree.

but they taste so good.

this is how to pass the time in the car. people think it is funny.