Tuesday, November 07, 2006

last weekend

mom and i went to visit my grandma and papa in clarksville. dad had to go to dallas, so he did not get to go with us. we went up on a mountain and looked at the tiny little trees and stuff on the ground below. the leaves were pretty.

my grandma and papa have a neat cat and dog. the cat is named garfield, and he is sometimes nice and sometimes not. he only swiped at me once, but mom said that is because i was in his face too much and being too super loud. the dog knows how to talk. do not ask me how, but she only does it when my papa is around.

here are some pictures from the mountain! one is of me and my grandma. the other is me explaining how, when donkey kong is up high, he throws barrels down on mario. grandma thinks i play too many video games.

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