Thursday, November 16, 2006

baby sister

i hope i did not get you too excited with that title. she is not here yet, but mom and dad say it will be very soon. it all happens the day after my birthday. we are going to go to fun city pizza! i am not sure which to be more excited about. i will be three, and i think that is super old. sometimes i like to pretend i will be a baby for my birthday.

i keep trying to coax my sister out. i hug her. i kiss her. i talk to her. i put her toys and clothes under mom's shirt so she can see them. she is in mom's belly still, and man, is that belly getting big. i think i could maybe fit in there, but there is too much fun to be had on the outside. if only baby sis would realize that.


Anonymous said...

sam--- happy early birthday big guy! i can't wait to hear about it :) your baby sister will be so much exciting!---katy

kt said...

lol, I don't know why that baby won't come out, after you've even showed her her new cute baby clothes! Yeah, your mom mentioned that she is ready for the baby to come too.But I guess it'll happen when it's time. It was great to see you and your parents at Fay-town, Sam! I liked jumping in the leaf pile with you, but I think it kind of scared you. There wasn't poop on the leaves that I threw in the air, either, just so you know.

Duchess Britty! said...

YAY Elisabeth is here!... Congrats Big Brother!... She finally came out!... I bet you are sooo excited :)... Luv luv Brit