Wednesday, February 23, 2005

i love sharpies

so tonight i discovered the great fun of drawing on things that are not paper. usually mom and dad pay careful close attention to any access i have to pens and pencils and markers and so on. they make sure the lids are on tight if they are not watching me super close, and they make sure i only draw on paper when they are drawing with me. i have been wondering what it would be like to draw on other, more interesting things, but i have thus far not gotten to explore that option. well, except for that blissful day last week when i got to write on the laptop keys with the neat yellow marker.... anyhow, tonight the phone rang, and i was sitting on dad's lap, and he had to write down what the people on the phone were saying, and then, at last, he laid that wonderful, black, smelly sharpie down on the table. and guess what? the lid was not on it. so i seized the opportunity to claim that sharpie as my own! i decorated my shirt and also the palm of my left hand. now that is a good time. dad was not too happy about it, but i think he was secretly trying not to laugh.

in other news, the tooth count is up to seven. seven! at this rate, i will have at least thirty-nine pretty soon.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

remote control!

it has been found! it was not in my nose, in case you are wondering. it was in the couch cushions.

i tried to suggest this to mom and dad, but they seem not to understand me when i talk. why is this? it seems clear enough to me, but mom and dad usually respond inappropriately. for example, when i say, "mom, i want to eat a piece of cake now," she will smile and say, "yeah!" real enthusiastically, as if she agrees. but then i will never get the cake. or i will ask a question like, "dad, why do my gums feel like someone is stabbing them with knives?" and he will say, "my goodness, that's very interesting!" where does a kid need to go to get some sympathy? it's as if he did not even hear me. or, i will say, "i am going to walk around and be silly now," and mom will say, "dagh dugh!"

i think maybe she thinks she is speaking my language, but i have no idea what "dagh dugh" means. any ideas?

Saturday, February 05, 2005

the sun is shining

so mom says one good thing about this place we live is that it is really close to the park. (now, when you are riding to the park in the car, it does not seem all that close, really.) BUT, i think it is probably worth the trip. it was today, anway.

mom looks out the door and says, "sam, the sun is shining and it is not too cold! let's go to the park." so she gets my jacket, puts on my socks and shoes, and finally, we load up and head to the park. after a long time (three minutes?) we get there, and man, are there people all over the place! we head to the swings, and mom pushes me until i get tired of it. this takes a while, because i figure out it is fun to swing my legs and move my body in the swing, and it makes me go higher. mom says i am a genuis or naturally coordinated. then i walk around in the woodchips a little while and almost walk into another person's swing (gotta remember to look both ways in the woodchips). then mom pushes me around the park in my stroller. we look at a squirrel until it disappears up a tree, and mom shows me a magnolia tree. it is one of the only ones there that still has leaves on it. she even gave me a leaf to look at, until i stopped looking at it and started chewing on it. (why is this so wrong?) also, part of the sidewalk goes sort of close to the big road, and i see lots of cars zooming by. i like watching cars. someday i will drive one for real!

speaking of cars, i know just the one i want. we went to the car auction last week (which i do not necessarily recommend, as it is loud and smelly), and while mom and dad pick out a boring, old person car, i pick out a Jeep Renegade. it is red, it has no doors, it has a big old stick shifter, and man, is it a good time to drive. well, i did not actually drive it. i did get to stand up in the seat and move the steering wheel back and forth. mom says maybe when i am sixteen. when is that?!?