Wednesday, February 23, 2005

i love sharpies

so tonight i discovered the great fun of drawing on things that are not paper. usually mom and dad pay careful close attention to any access i have to pens and pencils and markers and so on. they make sure the lids are on tight if they are not watching me super close, and they make sure i only draw on paper when they are drawing with me. i have been wondering what it would be like to draw on other, more interesting things, but i have thus far not gotten to explore that option. well, except for that blissful day last week when i got to write on the laptop keys with the neat yellow marker.... anyhow, tonight the phone rang, and i was sitting on dad's lap, and he had to write down what the people on the phone were saying, and then, at last, he laid that wonderful, black, smelly sharpie down on the table. and guess what? the lid was not on it. so i seized the opportunity to claim that sharpie as my own! i decorated my shirt and also the palm of my left hand. now that is a good time. dad was not too happy about it, but i think he was secretly trying not to laugh.

in other news, the tooth count is up to seven. seven! at this rate, i will have at least thirty-nine pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I know what to get you for your 2nd birthday. They are non-toxic, afterall, just like play-doh. :D

Knell said...

I think it's really great that you have a blog, Samwise. You're so much more accomplished that way than other babies your age.