Saturday, February 12, 2005

remote control!

it has been found! it was not in my nose, in case you are wondering. it was in the couch cushions.

i tried to suggest this to mom and dad, but they seem not to understand me when i talk. why is this? it seems clear enough to me, but mom and dad usually respond inappropriately. for example, when i say, "mom, i want to eat a piece of cake now," she will smile and say, "yeah!" real enthusiastically, as if she agrees. but then i will never get the cake. or i will ask a question like, "dad, why do my gums feel like someone is stabbing them with knives?" and he will say, "my goodness, that's very interesting!" where does a kid need to go to get some sympathy? it's as if he did not even hear me. or, i will say, "i am going to walk around and be silly now," and mom will say, "dagh dugh!"

i think maybe she thinks she is speaking my language, but i have no idea what "dagh dugh" means. any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

She doesn't speak your language. Maybe if you spoke slowly and pointed to things and said the name, she would eventually learn...or learn her language. hmmm...

Or learn Sindarin instead. That might be more fun.