Friday, October 24, 2008

good week

today, my mom picked me up at school, and while we were walking out, a lady told mom that i can read better than any four year old she has ever seen in her life. apparently being able to read is not normal, but i think it is a good time, so i will keep doing it!

my teacher, ms. connie, asked me to bring the hardest book that i can read, so i brought in my charlie brown encyclopedia. i read that to ms. connie, and she might have learned a thing or two about reproduction, because that is on page 3. anyway, she said that her boys could read when they were little, so i remind her of her boys. she also said one of her boys has a runny nose, and so i guess i probably remind her of him for that reason too.

so, guess what i did EVERY single day this week?? i took a nap at school. this is unheard of. before this week, i only took a nap one day this whole year so far. i am just really tired. my mom said that she is super proud of me, and so after school she and i went to sonic, and i got a green apple slush, which was pretty yummy. mom got a lemon berry slush, and she was excited, because they were half price. then, we went to the park and i rode my bike, and we threw rocks in the water and swung and pretended to eat in pretend restaurants. it really was a good time.

now, i should go to bed, but mom wanted to post these pictures of me making weird faces that she just took. i took one of her too! she was so proud of my picture taking skills that she defied the urge to delete every picture of herself.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

amy and painting and saying weird stuff.

so, i have been thinking a lot about the future. for instance, when i am a teenager, my voice will be different. mom and i discussed this a while ago, but i keep thinking about it and bringing it back up. also, i told mom that i want a mustache. why? because i like mustaches. or maybe i will have a whole beard and a mustache. i will definitely be more hairy when i get older. i will get lots of leg hair and chest hair when i am about 65. also, when i turn five, on november 26ith, i will be 4 years older than elisabeth for one whole day. until she turns 2 on the 27ith. i think that my mom has been enjoying these conversations, because they make her laugh a lot.

i am in a new class at my school, where me and about 10 girls learn about letters and math. it is a special class for the smart kids, but my dad said i should not tell people that. i go to that class every day from 3:00-3:30. Mr. Justin thinks i am pretty smart. the other day, he asked us to write the letter A, and i wrote A, B, C, D, and E, until i ran out of paper.

my hamster, amy, is getting really big. here are new pictures of her.

and this is my new favorite hobby. elisabeth and i got to paint the other day, and i keep begging to paint some more. my mom just looks really tired when i ask if we can paint again, every 45 minutes or so.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

i am full of good questions.

this morning, i asked my mom:

"why is there a mothers' day and a fathers' day, but not a kids' day?"

at first she looked kind of irritated, and said, "because every day is kids' day."

then she laughed and said she asked her mom the same question. but she was 7 or 8 then, and not 4.