Friday, October 24, 2008

good week

today, my mom picked me up at school, and while we were walking out, a lady told mom that i can read better than any four year old she has ever seen in her life. apparently being able to read is not normal, but i think it is a good time, so i will keep doing it!

my teacher, ms. connie, asked me to bring the hardest book that i can read, so i brought in my charlie brown encyclopedia. i read that to ms. connie, and she might have learned a thing or two about reproduction, because that is on page 3. anyway, she said that her boys could read when they were little, so i remind her of her boys. she also said one of her boys has a runny nose, and so i guess i probably remind her of him for that reason too.

so, guess what i did EVERY single day this week?? i took a nap at school. this is unheard of. before this week, i only took a nap one day this whole year so far. i am just really tired. my mom said that she is super proud of me, and so after school she and i went to sonic, and i got a green apple slush, which was pretty yummy. mom got a lemon berry slush, and she was excited, because they were half price. then, we went to the park and i rode my bike, and we threw rocks in the water and swung and pretended to eat in pretend restaurants. it really was a good time.

now, i should go to bed, but mom wanted to post these pictures of me making weird faces that she just took. i took one of her too! she was so proud of my picture taking skills that she defied the urge to delete every picture of herself.

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