Thursday, May 04, 2006

life is changing

so, i feel sort of old. i think. i hear adults always talking about life whizzing right by, and all kinds of things happening and changing, and now i think i am learning what they mean.

we are moving. my whole life we lived in this town. i guess it is an okay town. i think i like it more than mom and dad do. we have lots of friends here, and there are at least two good parks. where we are moving has no pond with ducks or swimming pool in the backyard. mom and dad say it will be super fun there, though, and usually they do not lie. it is stressing me out having all these boxes around, especially when my toys get put in there and taped up! i keep trying to unpack while they are not looking, but they always figure it out and put the stuff back in.

also, life is more interesting before, because they say there is a baby in mom's belly. at first i did not really understand, and they mostly kept asking me if i want a brother or a sister. i can not really decide, so i usually give a different answer each day. maybe there will be one of each. anyway, i did not really believe it about the baby stuff, but today we got to see it on TV at the doctor's office. it is not as cute as me. the head is gigantic, and it kind of just has hands and feet, instead of arms and legs. there it was, just wiggling around there, and mom and dad were happy. so am i, and they say the arms and legs will grow out, so that is good.