Thursday, November 30, 2006

speaking of birthdays...

the day after my birthday, my baby sister was finally born! it sure took her a long time to finally decide to get out of there. she sleeps a whole lot right now, but pretty soon i am going to teach her how to play mega man.

here is a picture of her being silly. she likes to sleep like that, with her hands way up over her head and her hat pulled down over one eye. mom said i did too.

i will get a picture of the two of us together, as soon as mom washes the throw up off of my Best Brother Ever tshirt, so i can wear that. (i got sick last night, but i feel much better now.)


a lot of fun stuff is happening these days. for starters, i am THREE now. i think that is pretty grown up.

i had two parties. i am not sure why i did not get three parties, since i am three years old, but the two i had were pretty fun! the first one was at grandma and papa's house. i helped roll up the crescent rolls, we ate a bunch of turkey, and then we got to eat my pac man cake! mostly i am only interested in the m&ms on top.

a couple days later, we had another party at fun city pizza. this is THE place to go and have a party, in case you are looking for a good place to do that. my grandma and pappy and nany and also mom and dad and brad and britney were there. brad and britney climbed around in the tubes with me, because mom said she did not want to get stuck and have my baby sister in a tunnel. i think that would have been pretty neat, though.

here are some pictures of me blowing out candles! i am pretty good at it, as you can see.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

baby sister

i hope i did not get you too excited with that title. she is not here yet, but mom and dad say it will be very soon. it all happens the day after my birthday. we are going to go to fun city pizza! i am not sure which to be more excited about. i will be three, and i think that is super old. sometimes i like to pretend i will be a baby for my birthday.

i keep trying to coax my sister out. i hug her. i kiss her. i talk to her. i put her toys and clothes under mom's shirt so she can see them. she is in mom's belly still, and man, is that belly getting big. i think i could maybe fit in there, but there is too much fun to be had on the outside. if only baby sis would realize that.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

last weekend

mom and i went to visit my grandma and papa in clarksville. dad had to go to dallas, so he did not get to go with us. we went up on a mountain and looked at the tiny little trees and stuff on the ground below. the leaves were pretty.

my grandma and papa have a neat cat and dog. the cat is named garfield, and he is sometimes nice and sometimes not. he only swiped at me once, but mom said that is because i was in his face too much and being too super loud. the dog knows how to talk. do not ask me how, but she only does it when my papa is around.

here are some pictures from the mountain! one is of me and my grandma. the other is me explaining how, when donkey kong is up high, he throws barrels down on mario. grandma thinks i play too many video games.