Monday, June 25, 2007

thumbs up, yeah!

we celebrated summer by getting a pool! mom and me and elisabeth went to walmart and looked around and looked around. i kept asking for stuff, but mom said we were getting a surprise. she got me a water gun to go with it. it was all very mysterious, but then we went outside and lugged this big giant blue pool back to the van. we got there, and mom noticed that there were two of them stuck together. so a nice cart pusher with red hair said he would take one back for us. i would not mind having two pools, but apparently that is stealing. anyhow, we filled it up and tried it out! the water was super cold, so we had to dump some hot water in there. it was a good time, though. elisabeth looks like she's not having fun in this picture, but actually she is.

we have also been driving all over looking for newer house. i like to pick out which would be my room and which would be elisabeth's room, in all the houses we go to. the girls that show us the houses are real nice, and we talked about grand country and played with cars back at the big office.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

fun things

making cousin sandwiches

blowing bubbles

tic tac toe

p.s. that bread at red lobster is apparently not called "grass burgers," despite the green stuff on top.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

i am like my dad, and that is good!

today is father's day. so happy day to my dad and my grandpa and my pappy and my papa!!

mom says that i am a lot like my dad. i think she is right, and here are some pictures to prove it. if you will notice, he is very silly, just like i am very silly. it is easy to find him in each picture, if you know what you are looking for. just find the silliest person, and that is always him.

also this father's day we are remembering my great grandpa, who went to be with Jesus a few days ago. he was also somewhat silly, and a great man.

Monday, June 11, 2007


i have a new pasttime, called golf! it is pretty fun. what you do is hit a ball with your glub, into a hole. here i am, posing for my trading card picture. you have to be very serious when you do that.

we went to branson the other day, and we stayed at this place called Grand Country that had swimming and golf all inside the place!

i did not like the big bucket of water that dumped out on everbody. that was scary. but the lazy river was a lot of fun. i rode in a tube with dad, and mom and elisabeth rode together. betty kept trying to get our boat!

in golf, i got the highest score, so i think i won. i even got a hole in 1! this morning i asked if we can go play golf at grand country, and mom says it is too far to drive just to play 18 holes. i am not sure how i am ever going to be tiger woods, if her attitude does not change.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

softball and fun

tonight dad and elisabeth and i went to see my mom play softball. this was the first time we got to go, because usually there is Bible study on wednesdays. it was fun!

first we went by sonic and got some corn dogs. dad says if you are going to watch a ballgame, it is good to have a good corn dog or hot dog or something.

then we went to the field, and mom was already there. i yelled stuff like, "You better catch that ball, mommy!" and "you can do it, mommy, you are the winner!" and she was. the score was 6-4, but by the time it was over i mostly just wanted to walk around or lay on the ground. she said i was a good cheerer though, because she could hear me all the way at first base.

here is a picture of me that dad took with the cell phone. i am swinging my corn dog like mom swings the bat!