Monday, June 11, 2007


i have a new pasttime, called golf! it is pretty fun. what you do is hit a ball with your glub, into a hole. here i am, posing for my trading card picture. you have to be very serious when you do that.

we went to branson the other day, and we stayed at this place called Grand Country that had swimming and golf all inside the place!

i did not like the big bucket of water that dumped out on everbody. that was scary. but the lazy river was a lot of fun. i rode in a tube with dad, and mom and elisabeth rode together. betty kept trying to get our boat!

in golf, i got the highest score, so i think i won. i even got a hole in 1! this morning i asked if we can go play golf at grand country, and mom says it is too far to drive just to play 18 holes. i am not sure how i am ever going to be tiger woods, if her attitude does not change.

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