Sunday, January 28, 2007


"hayv" is very calm and nice.
"hayv" keeps you out of trouble.
"hayv" is when you do what your mom and dad tell you to do.
mom and dad tell me to be hayv a lot. i tell them that i AM being hayv. they usually do not believe me.

here is a picture from when i hung out with my cousins. daniel is almost my age. he'll be 3 in a couple weeks. becky is 5, and jacob is 6. they have a tree house and everything. i told mom that me and jacob live in the tree house together. that day was a super fun day! mom and dad say maybe i can stay there a WHOLE WEEK in march, if mom and elisabeth go to mississippi for spring break. i hope they do!!! when is march??

also here is a picture from when mom and i took elisabeth for a walk in her new stroller. i helped push, and i told mom when to do yellow light and red light and green light so she would stay out of traffic and not get hit by cars. lucky for her, she beed hayv.

Monday, January 15, 2007

let me tell you another story

there was a little boy named "daddy."
he drived his own tractor.
one day he saw elisabeth.
he said to elisabeth, "let's play together!" and they played.
daddy was a great guy.
he was a super great guy.
and he was huuuuuuuge.
(pretend like you can see my putting my arms out really wide)

the end

i hope you like it. it is a samuel miller original story, by me.
soon i must post my picture that i drew of the family.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

more good times

we went to visit my grandpa last weekend! it was too cold to go out on the lake, but we will do that next time. instead, we watched basketball and called the hogs. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pig sooie! that is fun to do.

oh! here is an update on elisabeth:
she has yellow poop. that is gross. i told mom, and she said that all poop is gross. yellow poop or not, i like her anyway.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

elisabeth loves cat food!

she is a cat.

i am just kidding. but that would be pretty funny. grandma thought so, when i told her.

today i was showing elisabeth the controller for the gamecube and explaining it. the arrows make you move, and the green button makes you attack. she looked at me cross-eyed, and then at the wall. but i think some of it sunk in. she will be playing super smash brothers with me when she gets a little older. i figure it is a good thing to start getting her familiar with the controls.

christmas was a good time! actually, it keeps on happening. we had christmas morning with mom and dad and our stockings, then the next day we had christmas presents with my cousins and aunt and uncle and two grandparents and three great grandparents. then the other day my aunt michelle sent us presents in the mail. then yesterday we went to grandma and papa's house and had presents and good food. and this weekend we are going to my grandpa's house! i do not remember christmas lasting forever like this before, but i do not remember much from when i was two or one or zero years old.

among my favorite presents:

a mr. potato head with a corn friend and a carrot friend
an airplane with some little people inside
a light saber
a writing computer with word games
a gigantic frog to sit on (he even has a saddle!)