Monday, January 15, 2007

let me tell you another story

there was a little boy named "daddy."
he drived his own tractor.
one day he saw elisabeth.
he said to elisabeth, "let's play together!" and they played.
daddy was a great guy.
he was a super great guy.
and he was huuuuuuuge.
(pretend like you can see my putting my arms out really wide)

the end

i hope you like it. it is a samuel miller original story, by me.
soon i must post my picture that i drew of the family.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sam! That is a great story- I want to see the art work soon. I bet you have some other awesome stories to tell :)---katy

Anonymous said...

Neat! Story time with Sam. All we need is a good campfire, hot dogs, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers!

I just wrote a story on my blog, but I think yours is way better.

Anonymous said...

Sam I think you tell the best stories I have ever heard! They are so unpredictable! lol, I am glad you and Elizabeth are having fun together!