Sunday, January 28, 2007


"hayv" is very calm and nice.
"hayv" keeps you out of trouble.
"hayv" is when you do what your mom and dad tell you to do.
mom and dad tell me to be hayv a lot. i tell them that i AM being hayv. they usually do not believe me.

here is a picture from when i hung out with my cousins. daniel is almost my age. he'll be 3 in a couple weeks. becky is 5, and jacob is 6. they have a tree house and everything. i told mom that me and jacob live in the tree house together. that day was a super fun day! mom and dad say maybe i can stay there a WHOLE WEEK in march, if mom and elisabeth go to mississippi for spring break. i hope they do!!! when is march??

also here is a picture from when mom and i took elisabeth for a walk in her new stroller. i helped push, and i told mom when to do yellow light and red light and green light so she would stay out of traffic and not get hit by cars. lucky for her, she beed hayv.

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Anonymous said...

You are such a good big brother, and you better be sure to always bee hayv! that is what i tell my students at school to will be good when you get to school too!---katy