Monday, June 19, 2006

summer time summer time

man. i am really having an action packed summer!

i have been swimming a whole lot, and that is really fun. i used to hate it a lot when water got in my face, even in the bath tub. but really, water in your face is not so bad. just make sure to blow out and blink a lot. also, it is fun to pretend that the lake is made of apple juice. mom says there is fish poop in there, but if you just think about apples, it is not yucky when you drink it.

here is a picture of me making a mud castle at beaver lake.

i have also been having fun reading books and words.
my current favorites are:

"DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!" this one is about a pigeon who wants to drive a bus really really bad. so bad that smoke comes out of his head and his feathers fall out. and his eyes turn red, and he screams a lot.

"It's Potty Time" about going to the potty. it makes me want to flush flush flush. it is a good time; you should read that one.

"There's a Wocket in my Pocket" about all the weird critters that live in this kid's house.

books make life more fun, because you can think about them later and sing songs with words from your books. like the other day, i was singing, and out came, "Did you ever have a wocket in mine toilet?" i think that is a keeper. i had dad write it down for me.

speaking of Dad, HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!! it was yesterday, i know. here is a picture of me in my new My Dad Rocks happy fathers' day t-shirt.

also, i like to play computer games. pac man and world of warcraft are my favorites. oh! and stinkoman, on the in WoW, i have a level 2 elf warrior named Gopli. i like to fight the pigs.

oh! and happy birthday to aunt keri and jenni and nany!

Friday, June 02, 2006


so it has been almost a month since i posted the last time.

so much is happening! we moved, and if you remember, i was a little nervous about it. but! i love the new house. i love my room. mom and aunt amber painted some pictures from homestar runner to hang up in there, and we are also going to put up some pac man pictures and things, because pac man is, after all, the best thing ever. i can draw pac man, and the monsters too, and i will post some of my art as soon as i figure out how to work the scanner. anyway, i like our new house so much that i do not really even want to talk about the old house. it is that good.

we live super close to the lake, and i think that tomorrow i get to go swimming! hooray! i have new orange swim trunks and everything.

oh man! i almost forgot. sometime i will have to show you my favorite dance. it is called Tunak Tunak, and i just keep getting better and better at it. ummmm, mom says it is a good thing i can not really read yet, because there is a word next to the TV part of the video that is not fit for little boys. i recommend just watching the video! so, learn it, and someday we will dance Tunak Tunak together!