Tuesday, July 22, 2008


so, we have been dreaming lately about going back to disney world. we went right after i turned two. that is a long time ago. to put it in perspective, i was only a little older then than elisabeth is now. dad says if he sells a novel, we get to go for seven days. go dad!

anyway, tonight we were looking at pictures from our trip, which caused us to look up some animals we had taken pictures of at animal kingdom. and we ran across these videos on youtube. the first one is a tarsier, by the way, not a lemur. enjoy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

allergic to sharks

so, in the last couple of weeks, we have gotten to go visit some family, which is always a good time!

first, we went to my grandma and pappy's new house, to help them move in. my cousins came up, and we helped by deflating the bubble wrap. and by keeping my dad entertained.

the next week, we went down to see my grandpa. he has a boat and a four-wheeler, which he taught me how to steer, and how to read all the gauges on. he bought us some kool-aid koolers, so here are elisabeth and i doing a promotional spot for them. not really. we are not getting paid. but we do like kool-aid. grandpa let me steer the boat. and then i let him steer, while i did some dancing to the classic rock, just like i did last year (be sure to watch the video footage). dancing on a boat will always be the best. we like to swim a whole lot, even though the fish bit us. they tried to bite off grandpa's mole.

we also watched Jaws on TV while we were there. i did not really pay much attention, because i do not like sharks. i told my mom and grandpa that. and that i am allergic to sharks and chocolate.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


for as long as i can remember, my mom has been talking about some camera she wanted to buy. she finally got it. it came in the mail and was waiting for her when we got home from my grandpa's house.

later, she snuck in my room and took pictures of me sleeping. i guess her subject matter is a little bit limited at midnight. but she said she would not want her first pictures on her new camera to be of anything else.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

another 4th of July

this year, the fourth of july was pretty fun again. i was not as scared of everything as i was last year, but eventually the noisy fireworks did get to me a little bit.

my dad and i went to buy fireworks from miss marsha and mr. justin, at my school, and they were pretty glad to see me. they are really nice, so i liked seeing them too. i picked out a tank and some party poppers and some parachute guys. dad picked out some big ones that were way too loud.

then we went to our friends darien and jadon and their mom and dad's house and ate food and ran through the sprinkler and jumped on the trampoline and set off fireworks. britney bought some really long sparklers that were pretty fun, and she let us kids all have one. mom had to run around by elisabeth, making sure she was not setting herself or someone on fire, but she had time to take a couple shots of me. i am very careful with the fireworks.

this is my friend avie. she will be four like me in august. today i told my mom that i am going to marry avie. she said, "wait, i thought you were going to marry kylee?" and i told her that no, i changed my mind. we will get married when avie is 44. mom said that is just fine with her.