Monday, July 21, 2008

allergic to sharks

so, in the last couple of weeks, we have gotten to go visit some family, which is always a good time!

first, we went to my grandma and pappy's new house, to help them move in. my cousins came up, and we helped by deflating the bubble wrap. and by keeping my dad entertained.

the next week, we went down to see my grandpa. he has a boat and a four-wheeler, which he taught me how to steer, and how to read all the gauges on. he bought us some kool-aid koolers, so here are elisabeth and i doing a promotional spot for them. not really. we are not getting paid. but we do like kool-aid. grandpa let me steer the boat. and then i let him steer, while i did some dancing to the classic rock, just like i did last year (be sure to watch the video footage). dancing on a boat will always be the best. we like to swim a whole lot, even though the fish bit us. they tried to bite off grandpa's mole.

we also watched Jaws on TV while we were there. i did not really pay much attention, because i do not like sharks. i told my mom and grandpa that. and that i am allergic to sharks and chocolate.

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Holly said...

Love the commentary and the pics are cute too. The kool aid one is my favorite. Lisa, weren't you nervous to have your awesome fancy camera on the boat?!