Monday, March 26, 2007

Adventure Stop #1: Grandpa!

first, we drove down to my grandpa's house. he has a boat and a four wheeler, and i got to ride on both! he is a lot of fun!!!

i learned a whole bunch of things at his house. some of them may or may not be true, as my grandpa is a real kidder.

1. there is a lion that lives in the closet. he is a nice lion, as long as you keep the door closed, and he is sleeping. if you open the door, he gets really mad!

2. there is a bomb on the screen door, and if people grandpa does not want in there try to get in, the bomb goes off and scares them!

3. i like my eggs scrambled, but grandpa likes to fry his and then cut the top open and let the yellow egg blood come out.

4. it is polite to wave to the boats when you pass them. when people do not wave, it makes grandpa angry.

i also got to go to the buxtons' house and sit by the fire and throw paperwads in there and roast marshmallows. they have three dogs, sassy, bo, and winston. sassy is a beagle like snoopy! maybe they are related.

on the way out of town, we stopped at the post office where my grandpa works. he took me to the back and weighed me and elisabeth on the big scale. i weigh 42 or 43. elisabeth weighs 14 or 15. mom would not get on that scale for some reason.

here's me dancing on the boat to some classic rock!


Olivia's blog said...

Wow! Sam, you're a super duper dancer!
love, olivia

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jessa said...

oh Sam, you made my day. nice dancing skills!